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  • terrible!

    Where in the world did this Carla come from? She is mouthy, interrupts others, and most of all, she wears the most ugliest glasses. But then, she is ugly herself. The show would be so much better without her!!!
  • Awesome!

    Love u girl! U so rock!
  • Beautiful

    You are a beautiful person and so look great on the chew..
  • She has only just began!!

    Sharp, funny yet witty lady. I love you Carla
  • Happy Birthday Carla

    Watching the celebration of your 50th year of living. The best is yet to come. Thank you for the joy you bring into my world.
  • Carla is the Best. A # 10

    I got to attend the 2 shows taped on Feb. 19. the PJ Party and the Taco show The best part was when Carla accidently kicked me and then hugged me and danced with me. It was my wish to dance with her, Im 82 and she made my year thanks Carla. You are the greatest
  • I LOVE Carla Hall!!

    Carla is a amazing cook and a fantastic Television personality! She is WONDERFUL on this show and her style and taste is the perfect mix with the other Chefs!! The nation is Filled with hate mongers and you don't need intellect to post online. I love Carla and any person who cooks, real food loves her as well!! She is wonderful. Don't you DARE get rid of her. She is great!!

    carla no surer the show starts today 8/17 and you are going on like your in chruch praising what the pastor has to say w/ your, "ya, or yes, or ya ah, or right right right" and so on in the back ground, stop, please it annoying!!!!! and stop finishing others sentences so you can get the last word. then right fron the gate you intrupt daphine. then you put down the fabio and daphine, are you the tv police, carla, your so rude, stop it. you are still doing your jab to the guest cheif like you did when you all were competing, stop. you act like your the boss of everyone, your not. i'm sure your a great person but these things come across wrong, watch yourself on tv you will see what everyone is talking aout. thank you

    I have not written anything sense aug. your still trying way to hard to be the main host. YOU ARE NOT!!!!! Every time a black person comes on you like they are your BFF. why can't you treat them the same as you do everyone else. PLEASE stop taking over the conversations, this is NOT the Carla Hall show, stop already. WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?????

  • NashvilleTN Krystal Hamburgers

    You and your co-host were doing a show about hamburgers. You told them you like the small one in one is call a Krystal Hamburger.

    There great I have not found them anywhere in the north of Tennessee. You and your co-host are great in your show. I really think your great on the show.
  • GO CARLA!!!

    I love CARLA!! She is my favorite one on the show!! I gave her a 10 but this rating system is difficult!! She brings SOOOO much to the show!!
  • A Shock to the System

    this is one of the ugliest women I have ever seen--get off tv or put a bag over your head
  • cake devide

    carly,i love u ,u r so funny> now i have a question, and i hope u get it! how much cake mix do u put in a 9in. cake pans, i can never get my cakes even 1 is alway smaller then the other, thank-u
  • great lady!!!

    love u in Top Chef and love u more in the chew .... happy u are on the show....
  • The Hosts you have picked

    I happen to find the hosts refreshing, and a positive part of watching the show. I enjoy Carla and her quick whit, as well as the others! Fabulous show! Hope to keep watching for many years to come.
  • I am in Canada, and watch your show religiously.


    I absolutely love the show, and especially like Carla. She is hip, and energetic and quite reserved in a way that is quite quirky and refreshing. Carla you are definately a great role model, keep up the great work, and thanks for making me laugh every single day.

    Theresa Lapointe

  • the hosts you have picked


    Are you kidding me. who or what is it. Never seen a girl with a Adams apple. And those quick remarks...... where are they??

    She's not pretty, knowledgeable or even have the weight of a normal human. What are you thinking? I'm not known to be sexist by really. That is unappetizing.