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  • She's... uhhh, what's the word I'm looking for? Oh yeah, HOT.

    There are a ton of hot blondes out there, but Carlie Casey stands out from the rest. She is HOT, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but she is actually hotter than Christian Serratos, but Christian is still hot too. But if you look at some of her pictures on that have her with all that make up and stuff on, it looks freaky and not real! Christian is hotter compared to those pictures, but when Carlie is just being herself is when she is hotter! Plus her role as Missy Meany in Ned's Declas.sified School Survival Guide is funny and evil at the same time and she's good at it!! Bravo to Carlie Casey!!
  • uhh she's amazing

    Carlie Casey is very very very very HOT!!!! She's so beautiful. She should've gotten a bigger role on Ned's Declasiified School Survival Guide. In the future when shes in her 20s she should become a huge actress because she is amazing at acting. She should've played the main character on Ned's because she's like anyone's dream girl, not MOZE also christian serratos is anyone's dream girl too. But anyway expect more from her like a tv show for herself and i think that's it, haven't heard much lately from carlie. But to wrap this up, Carlie is one of the most gorgeous girls iv'e ever seen in my life PERIOD.

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