Carlo Rota





4/17/1961 , London, England

Birth Name

Carlo Dante Rota




Carlo was born in London but during his childhood, moved around from one country to another, These included Hong Kong, Italy and the Bahamas before he and his family finally settled in Ontario, Canada. Carlo currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

Currently appearing as the head of IOA in Star Gate Universe, Carlo spent many years in the restaurant business in London, New York and Toronto before becoming an actor, suddenly, at 30. He also has the benefit of being son of acclaimed chef Dante Rota. Referring to The Great Canadian Food Show that he hosted for five seasons,, "I love doing this show" says Carlo. "The food, the people, and it's one of the few T.V. projects I do where I don't get killed in the script!".

Carlo's other numerous T.V. and film credits include regular roles on Traders, La Femme Nikita, 24 and Little Mosque on the Prairie. Carlo has also appeared in Thirty Two Short Films on Glenn Gould, Mission to Mars, and The Boondock Saints.

"I'm a Canadian-English-Italian. We are an odd people. Nomadic, gregarious, thirsty. Always optimistic that here is a superb dinner to be had just around the next corner."
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