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    • Carlo Rota: (On how he got the part of Morris O'Brian on 24) was lucky enough to have a regular role in another American show called (La Femme) Nikita which was shot here at Toronto. That's where I'm speaking to you from right now, actually. And I got a regular role in a play, this cocky, procurer of illicit products and information. And the guy…the executive producer of that show, Joel Surnow, is also an executive producer of 24 and when I ran into the man this January of 2006, I think he phoned up everyone that I knew who I have worked with because I was at the time without a job or without representation and I just phoned people. Joel is the kind of guy who…if he says come up and see me…he said come up and see me and I did. I went up and met with the producers and they said, "Great, we'll write you into a show." I told a bunch of friends in Los Angeles what happened and everyone forewarned me that in Los Angeles people hear that all the time. But Joel came through on his word, he wrote me into the show and he wrote me in season five and it turned into season six, which is really a quite amazing way to start off in Los Angeles.