Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui


7/20/1962, Sacraramento, California, USA

Birth Name

Carlos Jaime Alazraqui



Also Known As

Carlos Alazarqui, Caslos Alazraqui, Carlos Alzraqui, Carlos Alazi
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Born in Northern California, he began his career as a stand-up comedian. He had won the San Francisco International Stand-Up Competition. Later on, he headed to Los Angeles and expressed his comedic ways in other perfomaces in plays like his solo film "This is a Size Six and…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Carlos is great as mr.crocker in all of the episodes and fop movies,plus great as lazlo,clam,and others. I especially liked him in jimmy neutron as sheen's dad.

    Carlos is one of the all time greatest mexican voice actors ever. He does dozens of my favorite cartoon characters like lazlo,clam,denzel crocker,rikochet,and 1 videogame character known spyro in his 1st game.

    My favorite cartoon movies with him in them are as listed.

    -where's lazlo

    -abra castastrophie the fairly odd parents movie

    -catdog:parent's day

    -mucha lucha the return of el malefico


    -the jimmy timmy power hour 1.

    He's also done a great job voicing supporting characters like sheen's dad,chef micmuselee,and winslow.

    I think he'll always be one of the greatest voice actors ever,and I despretly want to see him in reno 911 the movie.

    That's what I think about him.moreless
  • Awesome voices!!!

    I love guy`s voice. I cant beileve he did the voice of Lazlo, Clam on Camp Lazlo. The voice of Lazlo doesnt match how he looks but its still very cool. The voice is really amazing. Not to be harsh but how can a talented old man have a awesome kid voice that matches Lazlo? The other shows that he plays his voice are so different than what he does here. Carlos alazraqul is just like my favorite voice actor of the time, Rob paulsen. He is just like Rob paulsen because his voice also chances in each different show he plays. What ever Carlos alazrequl is doing now, I wish him the best of luck.moreless