Carlos Alazraqui





7/20/1962 , Sacraramento, California, USA

Birth Name

Carlos Jaime Alazraqui




Born in Northern California, he began his career as a stand-up comedian. He had won the San Francisco International Stand-Up Competition. Later on, he headed to Los Angeles and expressed his comedic ways in other perfomaces in plays like his solo film "This is a Size Six and This is Your Head". Soon onward, he did many plays, that they were began to be aired in TV. Later on, he got the talent on becoming a voice actor of cartoons. He had done many cartoons, from the classic Rocko's Modern Life as Rocko to other shows like Family Guy for a while, The Fairly OddParents, the first voice for Rikochet in Mucha Lucha, the voice of Spyro for the first game of Spyro the Dragon series, and for the latest roles, The Life and Times of Juniper Lee and Camp Lazlo. Carlos Alazraqui was well known for doing the voice of the Taco Bell dog in their commercials.

Other than voice acting, he also had done other roles like the Scottish Cab driver in That 70's Show and also, he plays as Deputy James Garcia in Comedy Central's Reno 911!. Moreover, he had appeared various times in VH1 and E Television reality series like VH1's I Love Toys.

Carlos has produced his own works. A short film he wrote and played in was called The Picture of You. He also recently sold a script idea called the "Rip Squad" to Comedy Central and is currently developing another project to pitch to the Networks.

In Carlo's freetime, he's an avid tennis player and he actually sky dives! Believe it or not, he has actually done over 690 jumps! Currently living in Los Angeles, California with his favorite children: his dogs Jackie O and Max Bear Jr.