Carlos Mencia

Carlos Mencia


10/22/1967, San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Birth Name

Ned Arnel Mencia


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Carlos Mencia was born in Honduras and raised in East Los Angeles. Carlos enjoys spending time with his family and friends. Carlos has an Archie Bunker-like bluntness that he utilizes to address subjects from ethnic stereotypes, racism, to people not being able to laugh at themselves. This style…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Looks as though Carlos Mencia's jokes have failed to amuse people who actually think.

    I have been constantly told about someone who is a man whom speaks the truth, I tuned into his routines one day and found something that angered me. His name: Carlos Mencia.

    When I am told he speaks the truth I wonder how some false racism, religousy offensive; actually, just about anything he says is offensive. To him making fun of religous and personal belives, to the color of someone's skin. Seriously, do the people who watch him decided to go back in tolerance a few hundred years? I really can not see how his accused jokes based on how someone is will ever be funny. No one likes it, so why are people watching him?moreless
  • Like most comedians who made the move, getting a television show ruined him.

    Carlos Mencia is one of the funniest stand-up acts I've ever seen. I would give him a 10, but his show bores me to tears. He had such a good future ahaed of him as a stand-up comedian. Although I'll be the first to say stand-up can only take you so far. A show is good if the the people producing it are good. I like his show only when he actually does a stand up act. His segments, while original(most of the time), are kind of dull. I think that getting that show was a real duh! moment, Carlos. Sorry to say, buuuut, stick to stand up.moreless