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  • Looks as though Carlos Mencia's jokes have failed to amuse people who actually think.

    I have been constantly told about someone who is a man whom speaks the truth, I tuned into his routines one day and found something that angered me. His name: Carlos Mencia.

    When I am told he speaks the truth I wonder how some false racism, religousy offensive; actually, just about anything he says is offensive. To him making fun of religous and personal belives, to the color of someone's skin. Seriously, do the people who watch him decided to go back in tolerance a few hundred years? I really can not see how his accused jokes based on how someone is will ever be funny. No one likes it, so why are people watching him?
  • Like most comedians who made the move, getting a television show ruined him.

    Carlos Mencia is one of the funniest stand-up acts I've ever seen. I would give him a 10, but his show bores me to tears. He had such a good future ahaed of him as a stand-up comedian. Although I'll be the first to say stand-up can only take you so far. A show is good if the the people producing it are good. I like his show only when he actually does a stand up act. His segments, while original(most of the time), are kind of dull. I think that getting that show was a real duh! moment, Carlos. Sorry to say, buuuut, stick to stand up.
  • He relies to much on being offensive, rather than truly being funny.

    Carlos Mencia. His comedy style is liked by some, disliked by others. Some can't stand him. I'm somewhere in the middle. Some of his jokes are quite funny, but half the time he's just plain offensive. He goes up to people on the street and insults them with his offensive material. Carlos Mencia has potential to be funny, when hes not telling his obnoxious jokes, but those moments are far and few between, as he mostly uses racial jokes and sterotypes to try to make people laugh. He's not getting any votes from me, and I also think he is overrated as a comedian and an entertainer.
  • Bitter and indignant do not add up to funny.

    It's always telling when someone thinks they Know What is Wrong with America, and furthermore, it's that everyone doesn't like them. Carlos tries to get a lot of mileage out of being angry at people. For what, I don't know; apparently he's mad that people aren't as much into racial and stereotypes humor as they used to be. Well, so what? This is a crime? All his jokes are the kind of obnoxious garbage told to you whenever a person is really trying not to be funny. You get the feeling this is the kind of guy who got in trouble a lot in school and blamed it on the person who turned him in.
  • Great performer, but steals most of his bits.

    Carlos Mencia's a great performer, but it's pretty well known that he steals a lot of his material from other comedians. You can find a lot of the bits from his TV show done years ago by some other comedian. Mencia just screams the joke and yells "DEE DEE DEE!" at the end and makes millions of dollars. A lot of people like to complain that his name isn't really Carlos Mencia (his real name's Ned Holness and he's a legal US Citizen), but I still think he's a good performer, he just needs to come up with his own material.
  • I'm getting tired of this racist comedy trend.

    Some people like him for being a little funny. Some like him because he's considered a surrogate Chappelle. You know if Chappelle didn't leave, Mencia wouldn't be that great. He just got lucky after he heard about it. This guy doesn't even come up with his own stuff. He found it when his wife was talking in her sleep about only marrying for money and Ann Coulter. Sarah Silverman should've got the job. Dane Cook should've got the job. Even Larry the Cable Guy if he learned to limit his Git-R-Dones. Mencia's an egomaniac. All his sketches are all about him. Not his other cast members. Just him.
  • Carlos Mencia has been reaching diverse audience with his comedy on hypercitical America.

    CARLOS MENCIA! If I had to choose between having sex with Carman Electra or hanging out with this guy, I pick hanging out with Him, His so funny and cool. I love him, his like my new best friend. His jokes are original, true and funny. He makes fun of different lifestyles that people have, he laughs at everyone: Blacks, whites, Mexicans, Asians, middle-easterns, Jewish, christens, Gays and his most favorite subject: STUPID PEOPLE or how he calls them DEE DEE DEE's.
    Carlos started out spitting his game at the comedy store and quickly become a regular, with his views on society and his edgy comedy he was ment for better stuff, he got reqnized by some bigger comics and went on tour with them and quickly made a name for himself in the comedy world. doing gigs around the nation but people really didn't know who he was until he got his very own show on comdey central: MIND OF MENCIA. His popularity soared up just like the ratings to the show did. But not everyone was so pleased with his comedy alotta of narrow minded ignorant people attacked him for telling the truth and he started getting loads of hate mail...haha, jokes on them, the hate mail only fueled carlos's comedy, gave him a chance to attack the stupid people of America he are to scared to speak the truth. Other people said that he was trying to hard to be like Dave Chappel, the only similarity between Dave chappel and Carlos Mencia shows is the stage and that's all, Carlos is three times more funnier and three times better.
    Carlos Mencia is so funny, I love this guy!

    carlos carlos carlos... what to say first... you were a great comedian when i saw you on hbo, then you had your own show, and it made me love your type of racist comedy even more. i really hope you get a second season, because the first was just so great.
  • Carlos Mencia is one of the greatest comics of our time.

    Carlos Mencia is not afraid to insult any race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, which leads to his appeal becuase he will say the tings that the other comics will not, without any reservations or editing. This can make his show be considered a great responce and replacement for Comedy Central's loss of Dave Chappel after his haitus due to a retreat to Africa.
  • Carlos Mencia has decided that Chappelle's Show has gone on long enough as an original idea and, like all good TV shows, must eventually be copied by a less talented entity. (i.e. American Dad to Family Guy)

    The idea of a Hispanic Dave Chappell, unoriginal as it may be, did, at first, have promise. But as it has turned out, his show has fallen so far short of any conceivable mark, that upon viewing it last night, I was completely dumbfounded by his lack of humor. Rather than entering the "Mind of Mencia" I'm sure viewers and audience members alike were doing everything in their power to get him out of their heads. Even as I sit here, writing this very review, I can't comprehend what on earth inspired him to collaborate a repertoire of such mind numbingly uninspired, obnoxious dribble. What his show needs is a complete lobotomy, including the removal of the part of his mind that contains such a bland, lackluster sense of humor. Please stop telling jokes, they aren't funny Carlos. You know it, we know it, now its high time you remove yourself from the stage and give Chappell his ideas and his show format back. I pray to God, and Allah as well, for Dave's sake, that he declare a Jihad on Carlos Mencia, and you'd better believe that I will be present amongst the ranks of this large crusade to purge television of his taint. You are a disease Carlos, and we all need to find a cure.