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  • The best guitar player.

    Great. Love "Photograph" with Chris Daughtry.
  • the guitar of latinamerica

    THe greatnest guitar maste of the world he is jus incredible and mybe the best in this era.He is a revolucionari man he creat a new way to play the guittar he is one of the best musican in this world,i allway enjoy lisent her miysig like Samba Pa Ti ,Persuasion LatinTropical,Soul Sacrifice,Santana Jam ,With a Little help from My Friends ,Jin-Go-La-Ba they are great specialy the last one,I have 4 cd of him Supernatural Platinum and Shaman .one of the best one.

    everytime that i am angry i lisnt that miusic and i relax alook it gave my pace. hi have some recopilation ant it are great Greatest Hits Viva Santana!Definitive Collection Dance of the Rainbow Serpent The Very Best of Santana The Ultimate Collection The Best of Santana .are some thati want he is the king of the guitar.went i turne on the rado i can edintificet his guitar because it is unic way to paly is great. It is like that he make the gitar sing of something,like that.noway he is one the best guitaris in the woerld and now one can't say no.
  • Carlos Santana IS God!

    You would have to be absolutely screwy to say that Carlos Santana isn't a great guitarist. Well, I'm here to tell you right now, Carlos is perhaps one of THE greatest guitarists of all-time. He's worked with people like Steven Tyler, Rob Thomas, Michelle Branch, and a number of others. And you can't go wrong with a man who won eight Grammy Awards. So folks, I highly reccomend listening to this wonderful guitar player.

    Double Trouble Tom