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Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico

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  • Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof of Lost.
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    • Carlton Cuse: (referring to "Lost") You know, I think the show has to constantly keep moving forward, it's a story-based series, it's not a franchise based series. So with any great epic story, you're constantly going to meet new characters and that's just a part of the evolution of the story.

    • Carlton Cuse: The "X-Files" ran for a long time, but that show had the benefit of being both a mythology show and a franchise show. They had stand-alone episodes where they chased the monster of the week, but they had an ongoing mythology. And I think that it was a great show that probably ran two seasons too long.

    • Carlton Cuse: (referring to Lost) I think the Jack/Juliet relationship is one that's very interesting for us.

    • Carlton Cuse (referring to Lost): You just have to kind of trust your gut and so far, it feels like it's working okay. You can't think too far in the future and future-trip about it and think is that going to work in 25 episodes. Right now we have a good plan for this year, we're really excited about it, and it's going to be really good. We feel at the end of this season, we still have some stories to tell.

    • Carlton Cuse: If you solved your mysteries, the audience loses its compulsion to watch.

    • Carlton Cuse: If you don't have new questions, the show is over.

    • Carlton Cuse (referring to "Lost"): We have a mythology and we have an end episode, and the question is how long can the show sustain?

    • Carlton Cuse (referring to "Lost"): I think in a perfect world, we would love to end the show after four or five seasons, but ABC is making a lot of money on the show and that's their prerogative. It's kind of trying to find a happy medium on how long we can sustain the show and have it be good.

    • Carlton Cuse (referring to "Lost"): I think Season One was the initial condition of crashing on this island and these characters being in denial about their situation and having to terms of probably we're not going to get off of here and when that raft blows up and Walt is taken, it's like 'okay, we're stuck here.