Carly Colon





2/21/1979 , Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Birth Name

Carlos Colon Jr.




WWE History:

Smackdown: October 7,2004
-Carlito Caribbean Cool's debut on WWE Smackdown! CCC comes out in such a classy atire during a John Cena promo in the ring. He's eating an apple. Carly makes a joke about how the Boston Red Sox never win. He cracks me up! Carlito Caribbean Cool tells Cena that he is a punk and isn't cool. John comes back with the worst comebacks ever. CCC tells Cena that he can win the U.s. Title the first time he gets a shot at it. Cena says that Carlito Caribbean Cool can't see him. CCC then puts him in his place by giving him a cool DDT and spits apple into John's face.
Later in the show, it is Carlito Caribbean Cool vs. John Cena for the U.S. Title. John Cena beats CCC up the whole match! But he made a mistake, Cena left his lock on the chain weapon in the ring. The referee turns his back and WHAM. CCC levels Cena with the lock and pins Cena for the 1-2-3. Introducing your new U.S. Champion, Carlito Caribbean Cool!

Smackdown: October 14, 2004
-All of the WWE Smackdown! Superstars are in ameeting with GM Teddy Long. Teddy tells us the truth about what happened to John Cena after Smackdown. Cena went to an after hour club and was attacked. Long says this only leaves him with one question, who is the number one contender for the Unites States Championship? The Gm answers this for us, there will be a battle royal for the number one contender slot tonight. All of the wrestlers leave and The United States Champion Carlito Caribbean Cool confronts Tedddy Long. What CCC says is confusing ,but he says that something is not cool.
We see a clip of Carlito Caribbean Cool's debut last week (check above for recap on that).
The battle royal starts and it has tons of WWE Smackdown Superstars. Scotty 2 Hotty does "The Worm" to Billy Kidman which was pretty exciting to see that move. Rey Mysterio eliminates third to last person Luther Reigns. Then Rey and Kurt Angle fight for a while. Kurt does the coolest Angle Lock (Ankle lock) ever, he does it while Rey is on the ropes. Then Rey hits Angle with a killer DDT. He goes to the top rope and Angle tries to body to body suplex him, but Rey headbutts him and Angle falls onto the ropes. From ther Rey tries to hit him off, even missing a 619. Angle does a german suplex to Mysterio. The Rey does a 619 to Angle and wins! Rey Mysterio is the number 1 contender for the U.S Title.
Josh interviews Rey backstage. CCC interupts and says that its cool he won. Carlito says he wants to defend his title tonight. Rey accepts. Josh continues his interview and CCC comes back and clothslines Rey. He then spits his apple onto Rey Mysterio.
Carlito Caribbean Cool vs. Rey Mysterio for the U.S. Title. CCC come out, still wearing John Cena's lock. At the beginning of the match, Carlito Caribbean Cool is in total control of Rey (how could he beat Cena, and then not be in control of Rey?). Michael Cole thinks Rey is going to win, calling CCC a "one hit wonder". Carlito flips Rey over, and then Mysterio counters with a kick to the face. I hope he doesn't get a bruise! Rey continues to beat on CCC with a DDT. Rey later hits the 619. Then Rey tries to do a hurricinradda and Carlito catches Mysterion. Carlito Caribbean Cool then puts Mysterio in a arm submission hold. The hold lasted at least 30 seconds ,but Rey got to the ropes. Mysterio tries to pin CCC, but Carlito reverses it into a pin and CCC holds onto the rope for the pin. 1-2-3. The referee never saw Carlito holding the rope, so it never happened, forget that I said it. Winner: Carlito Caribbean Cool retaining his U.S. Title

Smackdown: October 21, 2004
-Torri Wilson is the guest announcer. She's been guest announcing on Velocity recently but now she's on Smackdown. She introduces CCC because he is in the first match! Carlito comes out still wearing John's Lock. There is a sign saying "Nice Fro Carlito" or something close to that. Carlito says he looks good and would look good on Wilson. Wilson ignores him and he tells her that's not cool and spits apple in her face. Haha. She walks out of the ring. YES! He's against Rico in a non title match!
Rico vs. Carlito Caribbean Cool. They both are wearing strange colors. Pink (Rico) and Purple (CCC). I'm guessing Rico will win cause it isn't for the title, lets see though. Carlito Caribbean Cool hits Rico with a neck braker. He pins and Wins. 1-2-3. That was under a minute I'm guessing. Looks like his streak isn't ending tonight. Tazz and Michael Cole aren't happy with CCC, but did Cole ever get him a chance, no. Winner: Carlito Caribbean Cool

Smackdown: October 28, 2004
-Carlito Caribbean Cool is interviewed. He intorduces him manager (or maybe just his firend) Jesus (You say Jesus like Hesus, not like Jesus). Carlito tells how he was at the club when John Cena was there. CCC calls Cena thug and that's not cool. Carlito tells Josh (who's interviewing him) that he's uncool and that Josh knows what Carlito Caribbean Cool does to uncool people. CCC takes a bite of his apple and spits it across Josh's face.

Velocity: October 30, 2004
-Carlito Caribbean Cool makes his debut on WWE Velocity tonight. It will be CCC vs. Shannon Moore. The match is the first of the night. Shannon does good during the match but eventually Carlito wins. The match is not very good. Oh I forgot, when Carlito wonit was a 1-2-3 count.
Winner: Carlito Caribbean Cool

Smackdown: November 4, 2004
-Kurt Angle, Mark Jindrakn and Luther Reigns have a match at Survivor Series and need a fourth partner for it. They go ask Carlito Caribbean Cool to be in thre match, while Jesus is there. CCC agrees.
Later, Jindrak and Reign are against RVD and Rey Mysterio. After the match RVD and Rey (winners) go to leave the ring but Carlito and Jessu stops them. CCC spits apple into RVD's face. The two R guys try to fight them but Jeses takes them out quickly. Then the four guys are attacking RVD and Rey Mysterio until Eddy G. comes to ring and attacks Mark Jinrak and Luther Reigns with a steel chair ,but luckily CCC and Jesus get out of the ring without taking any damage.

Smackdown: November 11, 2004
-Carlito Caribbean Cool and Jesus were guest announcers for the match RVD and Eddy G vs. Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak. CCC was there to support his Survivor Series team (Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns). CCC and Jesus become banned from ring side eventually. Then Eddy G. tells CCC that John Cena will be on Eddy G's team at Survivor Series.

Survivor Series: November 14, 2004
-Carlito Caribbean Cool, Kurt Angle, Mark Jindrak, and Luther Reigns vs. Eddy G, Rob Van Dam, John Cena, and The Big Show. I don't watch pay-per-views so I unfortunately can't write about the match. Carlito's team lost. This ended his winning streak ,but feat not! Carlito is still the United States Champion.

Smackdown: November 18, 2004
-John Cena made his return tonight against Carlito Caribbean Cool for the U.S. Title. Before the match however Cena had to try to kill CCC. Cena tried to get to Carlito in the ring but Jesus got in the way and Cena beat him up. Cena chased Carlito Caribbean Cool into the parking lot where Carlito got away in a car.
-Later on, Carlito returns to the arena to face Joh Cena, with Jesus of course. Cena quickly goes to work on CCC taking acnatage of an injury from SS. Cena eventually wins (sorry I didn't see most of the match). I can tell you however that John Cena won the U.s. Title and this match was tonight's main event. Cena went to steal Carlito Caribbean Cool's lock (really Cena's I guess) ,but Jesus beats him up. Jesus attacks Cena's kidneys. Serves him right because I no longer edit the U.S. Chmapion! This was on of Carlito's worst weeks in WWE. His un-defeated streak ended (at a pay-per-view and Smackdown) and he lost his U.s. Title.

Smackdown: November 25, 2004
Carlito Caribbean Cool was interviewd. In the interview, CCC talked about how he was robbed of his title by Mr. John Cena. He congratulated Jesus on beating Cena up however. CCC gave Jesus Cena's chain as a reward.

Smackdown: December 2, 2004
Jesus is having his first match. Carlito accompanies him to the ring. Jesus will be against Charlie Haas with Miss Jacky. Jesus gets into the ring and decides to attack Charlie Haas. CCC and Jesus beat him up very badly. They go backstage, after the beating, to get yeled at by Theodore Long. Long says it will be Jesus vs. John Cena in a street fight at Armagedan, the next pay-per-view.

Smackdown: December 9, 2004
Tonight Carlito doesn't have a match. Instead, he gets to help Jesus in his match. Jesus was against Charlie Haas in a street fight. I had computer problems during for a week or two when this aired so I do not remember what CCC did exactly. I know that Jesus won his match due to help by Carlito though.

Smackdown: December 16, 2004
I don't think CCC did anything special on this Smackdown. Jesus and Carlito didn't have a match. Sorry for this Dec. 9's review and this weeks. They will be longer like they origianlly were next Smackdown, which will be Smackdown in Iraq.