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  • She's great as Alice!

    I've only seen Carly in her lead role as Alice in the CTV show "Alice, I Think", and she's great in that. She plays a slightly out-of-place teen in a small town where anything out of place definitely stands out. Her problems may not be the biggest in the world, but they're big to her.

    She plays the part well; she's been given great scripts to work with and the source material is great as well. The books by Susan Juby are quite funny, and although they've been changed somewhat for television, the main character really shines through.

    Carly does well in the lead role and is a strong enough actress to carry the show. I'm sure we'll be seeing her in a lot more shows in the future!
  • One of the voice actors that voiced a girl named Sakura Avalon in "Cardcaptors".

    Carly McKillip is one of the best voice actors that perfectly did the voicing for a girl named Sakura Avalon in "Cardcaptors". I would describe Carly as the best person ever because how she did the voicing for Sakura Avalon was a sweet voice and a generous one. Overall, I rate her a 100%!