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Carly Simon


6/25/1945, New York, New York

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Carly Simon comes from a long line of noteworthy Simons (her father co-founded the Simon and Schuster publishing company, and her sister, Lucy, is a famous Broadway playwright) but Carly is best known as a folksy, confessional singer and songwriter who emerged in the early 1970s.



Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Carly's daughter, Sally, had a son on October 4th 2007.

    • Carly has been the girlfriend to Mick Jagger, Cat Stevens, Warren Beatty, and Kris Kristofferson before her hit song "You're So Vain" was released.

    • Carly had a hit song called "You're So Vain" in January of 1973. There were many different opinions of who she wrote that song about, although she never confirmed or told anything about who the person is. To this day, people still ask her who she was writing about in that song.

    • She is the niece of the singer Peter Dean.

    • Carly is 1/4 African American.

    • Carly was raised in the Riverdale section of New York City.

    • Carly fractured her shoulder when she slipped and fell into her bathtub in 2003.

    • Carly held an auction for charity on Marthas Vineyard, in which she offered to reveal her secret of who she wrote her hit song 'Your'e So Vain' about to the highest bidder. The winning bid fetched $500,000.00 for charity, and was made by the president of NBC Sports, Dick Ebersol. Dick signed a confidentiality agreement, but was allowed to give one hint. Dick revealed that the man's name contains the letter 'E', to which Carly added an additional hint, that the name also contains an 'A'.

    • Carly was inducted into the Songwriter's Hall of Fame in 1994.

    • Carly was diagnosed with breast Cancer in October of 1997, she underwent chemotherapy and surgery as treatments.

    • Carly was asked by close friend Jackie Onassis to write an autobiography. She tried, writing about fifty pages before she gave up, with regrets to Jackie. Jackie understood, but then suggested that she try to write it as a children's book instead. Carly took the advice, and collaborated with Jackie and Margot Datz, her illustrator, to create: Amy The Dancing Bear, The Boy of The Bells, The Fisherman's Song, and The Nighttime Chauffeur.

    • Carly met her second husband, Jim Hart on a train, they were married in 1987. Their marriage was predicted by a psychic.

    • Carly and her manager of thirteen years, Arlyne Rothberg parted ways, she moved to Los Angeles, California and started managing Roseanne Barr and the Roseanne television show.

    • Carly released the album that she is most proud of in the summer of 1981, Torch. This was as the same time that her marriage to James Taylor came to an end.

    • Carly received an Honorary Degree from the Berklee College of Music in New York.

    • Carly's album Spy was a commercial flop, and she switched to Warner Brothers to record her next album. After releasing Come Upstairs, her single 'Jesse' went to #1 on the charts.

    • Carly's marriage to James Taylor was falling apart at the same time that her son was sick. She was so depressed, that her weight dropped to 114lbs. To lift her spirits, she booked a 14 show tour, making it through 8 of the shows before collapsing on stage and cancelling the remaining 6 shows. She was sued by many of the promoters as a result.

    • Carly's second child, Ben was a sickly infant, constantly fighting off fevers. When he turned three years old, he was diagnosed with a dysplastic kidney, meaning his body was toxic much of the time. He had to have his kidney removed as a result.

    • Carly shared the stage and occasionally joined in singing with legends in 1978, at the 'No Nukes' concert, a well documented anti-nuclear rally held in Madison Square Garden in New York. The footage was put together as a movie.

    • Carly used to dream of singing a song for a movie as a child, and in 1976 it came to fruition. Marvin Hamlisch called and asked her to sing on the new James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me.

    • Carly used to live in the infamous house on Rockingham drive that O.J. Simpson lived in, it was difficult for her to watch his white Bronco pulling into her old driveway, all over the news.

    • Carly teamed up with Michael McDonald (of the Doobie Brothers) to record the hit single 'It Keeps You Runnin'.

    • Carly recorded her fourth album in 1974, Playing Possum, the photo for the album cover was deemed tasteless and crude by the critics, who asked 'what was she thinking?' posing in a demure manner so close to having had a child.

    • Carly won a Grammy Award in 1972 for 'Best New Artist'.

    • Carly thought of leaving the music scene after the birth of her daughter, who was taking up a large block of her time. Thinking that she would no longer had time to record, she agreed to sell her song 'Anticipation' (written about Cat Stevens) to Heinz Ketchup for a commercial. She was happy with the end result, calling it 'well made' and 'funny'.

    • Carly married James Taylor on November 3, 1972. The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter they named Sally in 1974, the same year that she released her hit single 'Haven't Got Time For The Pain'.

    • Carly opened for Cat Stevens on April 6, 1971 at the Troubador. Elektra placed roses on all of the tables (from Carly), and made a big deal about her. James Taylor was in the audience that night and went backstage after the show. This was also the night that she took on her longtime manager, Arlyne Rothberg.

    • Carly met Jerry Brandt in 1969, he offered to be her manager, and she accepted. She made him a demo tape that he took to Clive Davis at Columbia Records, who wanted nothing to do with it. He then presented the demo to Jac Holzman at Elektra, he signed her in 1970.

    • Carly started to date Milos Forman in 1968, he cast her in a small role in his movie Taking Off starring Buck Henry. The movie was about a series of people auditioning for a role, she was one of them.

    • Carly landed a job as the lead singer for the rock band 'Elephant's Memory' in 1968. No one got along, and she loathed playing the shows, the clubs were always filled with a thick layer of cigarette and marijuana smoke. She kept losing her voice and the sound systems were terrible, so she left the band after one summer. They went on to become John & Yoko's band.

    • Carly's parents were a wealthy couple, after her father passed away, she inherited a sum of money, but after that was spent on her hefty psychiatric bills, her mother didn't help with any other financial assistance. So she took to writing songs for other artists, hoping they would use them. She mailed them out to Dionne Warwick, Mama Cass Elliot, and Burt Bacharach, but never heard back.

    • Carly decided to attend the Julliard School of Music in 1970 to learn to notate music, a talent that she no longer knows how to use.

    • Carly took a break from recording after two failed albums, and started a job as a secretary at a television production company. After proving herself, she was given the responsibility of handling the talent, taking care of the needs of Marvin Gaye, Peter Paul and Mary, and Red Foxx.

    • Carly's sister Lucy soon grew tired of her mental state, as she started to develop stage fright, and anxiety attacks. She left the duo, married a psychiatrist, and had her first daughter, Julie. Carly wrote the song 'Julie Through The Glass' for her niece.

    • Carly had her first of many nervous breakdowns while in France, and went to seek psychiatric help. The doctor that she saw credited the breakdown to an allergy to the local red wine.

    • Carly's late nights at the clubs took their toll on her studies and homework at the private school she was attending, so she dropped out to pursue her dreams. She moved to the South of France with her boyfriend.

    • Carly and Lucy were soon playing gigs at the popular nightclubs 'The Gaslight' and 'The Bitter End' in Greenwich Village, opening for Bill Cosby, Dick Cavett, and Woody Allen.

    • Carly and Lucy were noticed and signed to their first recording deal with Kapp Records in 1964, with Harold Leventhol and Charlie Close as their managers.

    • Carly and her sister Lucy taught themselves to play the guitar, learning three chords each, and hitchhiked to a local bar called 'The Moors' to play their folk music. The crowds loved their bluesy sound, and Lucy's interpretation of Eugene Field's song 'Wynken Blinken and Nod' was the most requested.

    • Carly was kicked out of the family choir at age twelve for being obnoxious and willfully disobedient.

    • Carly was brought up in a musical household, she would perform with her two sisters, Joanna and Lucy, while their father, an accomplished pianist would play along. Soon she paired off with her sister Lucy, and sang as a duo.

  • Quotes

    • Carly: (when hinting who "You're So Vain" could be of) If I tell it, it's going to come out in dribs and drabs. And I've given out two letters already, and "A" and an "E". But I'm going to add one to it. I'm going to add an "R", in honor of you.

  • She is a legend in her own time!

    Carly Simon... what can i say. Well to explain how much i love carly simon i just wrote a two page essay to Allure Magazine of why they should feature her in their magazine. She has done so much for so many people. Her son's bestfriend John Forte is in Jail for 14 years for drug traffiking. She is doing everything she can to get him out of their as soon as possible. She claims to do one thing to help move this on every day, whether writing a letter or contacting politicians. Her music is all her own. Its not like she is britney spears where she just sings songs. Carly Writes her own music and writes it well. She makes depth out of her lyrics and makes the melodies amazing symphony to the ear!moreless