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Carly Smithson


Dublin, Ireland

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Carly Sarah Hennessy


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Carly Smithson, 25, is originally from Dublin, Ireland. She began singing at the age of about 3 and knew from a young age she wanted to be a singer. At the age of 14, she moved to the United States to pursue a career in music. She now…more


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    • Carly: (on what she will do after "American Idol") I'm just ready to make a record and just enjoy life in general and I don't know ... go to the beach, do the things I used to do in my everyday life. I've craved all the simple things I used to do in life. I miss my pots and pans the most. I really do. I'm like a kitchen gadget nut. I miss my kitchen so much.

    • Carly: (on the significance of her tattoo that looks like Amy Winehosue) It's a geisha. It looks nothing like Amy Winehouse. It's just not colored in. It's actually been on my arm for two years before she even came out so when it's colored in you'll all understand. But it's so funny, even Andrew Lloyd Weber said, "Oh look you have Amy Winehouse on your arm."

    • Carly: (on if she thinks she'll have a future in Broadway) Maybe! I have to say every contestant had nothing but high, high words about that man. He was one of our most amazing mentors. Every one of our mentors taught us something different ... but Andrew Lloyd Webber took so much time with us and really cared about every song that we were doing and every choice that we made.

    • Carly: (on if she thought Simon was being too critical on her during "American Idol") I guess Simon just had a different idea in his mind. I'm not sure he really wanted me to be who I am. I don't think they liked the whole pop rock, Heart idea that I have about myself. I can't please everybody and he's only one person. He said that he truly believes in me and that he has high hopes for me. I think all of his criticism wasn't necessarily negative, he just really wanted me to do well, and I gave everything I could.

    • Carly: (on what she thought of a possible David - David finale) I have no idea. It's anyone's game. People have their favorites already. Castro could look into the camera and bat his eyelids and go into his amazing falsetto voice and Brooke could just melt someone's heart. Nobody saw Michael Johns going home. There could be another shocker. You never know what lies up the sleeves of 'American Idol.'

    • Carly: (on how she thought Syesha and Brooke would perform in the remaining weeks of "American Idol" after her departure) I think they are both so different from each other as artists. Syesha has the whole R&B thing going on and she's got this huge voice. I think there is something so special about [Brooke] that she just stops you dead in your tracks when she opens her mouth. I'll still be there on the phone; I'll always be mom. This entire show I've looked after everybody.

    • Carly: (on if she thinks the guys had an advantage over the girls on the 7th season of "American Idol") The boys are adorable and I definitely feel the girls had more of a struggle this year, with trying to get the popularity vote. The boys are definitely charming the females a lot. And they're very talented too -- everyone's very talented -- but I think it was definitely a bit of a struggle for the ladies.

    • Carly: (on if she sees "American Idol" as a second chance for her) Everyone feels that its like a second chance but I'm not even sure if I had a first chance. I did get signed before, but it never really happened. [My first album] went to stores but it was never promoted. It just crashed beneath my feet. The record label imploded. I just like to see this as the first real experience that I've had. I've learned so much more with this and had such a positive experience.

    • Carly: (on why she was so upbeat after getting voted off "American Idol") We're all just so grateful for the experience; I know I am. I feel like 'American Idol' has given me such a gift, you know, such a platform to launch myself off of. And no more theme songs! I'm actually not that sad to be leaving. I enjoyed every minute thoroughly, but you know we're back in two weeks to start preparing for the tour and the finale. I'm going to be back.

    • Carly: The most embarrassing thing I've done on stage, the most embarrassing thing, oh! I went back to Ireland just last June for a big event to perform at and lost my voice. I have really bad allergies and it actually only developed in about the last five years, but I hadn't really been home to Ireland in that time and I'm allergic to dogs and cats and that kind of thing, so I got to my mom's house and they got a cat and it was gone, I didn't even pay any attention, just happy to be home and after the first night, I started sneezing and all that kind of stuff and then the event was a few days later and I totally lost my voice because I was coughing so much and it was really embarrassing because I couldn't sing like my own songs and all these people were like looking at me, it was pretty funny.

    • Carly: I ate it last week, it was at a sushi restaurant and it was disgusting. I felt like I was on Fear Factor and my husband ordered it just because it was disgusting, it was squid marinated in squid guts and it was disgusting. He thought it was delicious, he just ate the whole thing, but it was disgusting. There was a man sitting beside us that had a Japanese girlfriend before and he spoke Japanese, he knew all of the different sushis and I'm not gonna try that, I'm gonna try it, but I'm not gonna order something weird, but my husband is all into ordering weird things, so my husband asked for like, "What's the strangest thing I can get my wife to eat," so they ordered it, it was squid marinated in its guts, it was disgusting.

    • Carly: I worked at a theme park, a travelling theme park in Dublin when I was about twelve and I think that's the most oddest job I've ever had; I sold hotdogs, burgers and during our lunch breaks we would go on all the rides and it was really cool, it's like a travelling thing, it comes every year and you guys have such cool theme parks here [United States], big theme parks, we don't really have that; we have the travelling carnival in Dublin and it's a huge event every Christmas and I always waited for that carnival to come around, so like I'd go with my parents and I've always wanted to work there, so I got a job eventually, so that was really cool.

    • Carly: My family has helped me a lot to pursue my dream, my dad actually moved from Ireland when I was about thirteen, fourteen and moved to Los Angeles to try and help me further my career. He did actually get me signed when I was quite young and it didn't go very well, but he put his heart and soul into it, he really did, he left his job, he left his life and he came state side although he always wanted to live here and we had a blast, we had a really cool time. We lived in L.A. for a little bit and he really helped me and my mom helps me out because she is the most organized lady I know and she puts all of my stuff together that I need. They're very supportive parents, they really are. My mom does a lot of production, so she understands the industry and she's kinda' helped me out and prepped me a little bit and she told me to listen to everything that people say and be on time all the time and if someone tells you to be quiet, be quiet.

    • Carly: People would be surprised to learn that I don't necessarily listen to a lot of rock music 'cause I am tattooed, well I actually do, but I don't necessarily listen to it, I'm more tuning it out because my husband is playing it, but I'm not really that rocker girl that a lot of people think that I am. I just love tattoos and I love art, but I listen to a lot of Barbara Streisand and stuff like that. I listen to a lot of like Celine [Dion] and Whitney Houston, I listen to a lot of skinners and southern rock and that kind of thing, I'm not really into that kinda' hardcore rock you see.

    • Carly (on which "American Idol" contestant she thought she was like): I don't know, I think maybe Kelly [Clarkson] because I have a high voice, high range, but I don't know, you don't really wanna compare yourself to any of the past idols, I want to look to the future and be the new fresh face, I guess, but probably Kelly 'cause I have a high, high range.

    • Carly: My favorite performer would be Axle Rose 'cause he's just crazy, but my favorite singer would be Anne Wilson, so kinda' two separate, but he also had a really good voice, he could hit some high notes and I love watching Axle Rose on the stage, he was just nuts, I didn't know what he was gonna do next. He would be on the speaker, he would be in the speaker, he'd be in the crowd he'd be all over the place, he was just really cool.

    • Carly (on why she would want to win "American Idol"): I don't know, it's just the coolest thing, it's that ultimate that your being told that what you're doing is good, people are, 'cause you'll always sing and you'll sing, but actually getting that response back that people enjoy what you're doing, I think that's the main reason and winning is obviously going to be the ultimate, everybody really enjoys what you do and they really appreciate your music, so I want to do that.

    • Carly: If I don't become the next American Idol, I don't know, I'll go home? I'll be OK about it, it will be a total bummer, but I'll go back to San Diego and just be with my husband, run our tattoo shop; I think I might want to take up photography or definitely maybe cooking; I would love to cook and go to culinary school, that's always something that I've wanted to do, so I think I'll probably do that.

    • Carly: I love to cook and I'm very good at it, I'm really, really good at it. I can, I can take together leftovers from the refrigerator and whip up something fancy. My husband said it's one of the main reasons he married me, 'cuz he hadn't had a good meal in years.

    • Carly: I first started singing when… probably when I was about four. I used to always, I come from Ireland, so there are always sessions after hours in people's houses. I guess that's just something that we do and if you're going to have a house party somebody always brings a guitar and there's a few singers, but I, at four used to get out of my bed, sneak into the kitchen, there'd be a ton of my parent's friends and I'd be on the kitchen table within five minutes, singing for everybody, so it was always something I've wanted to do.

    • Carly: When I found out I made top 24, I couldn't stop crying. I cried, well actually I cried before I made top 24. Ryan had come over to the chair and he was like, "So you're up next, how do you feel?" I don't know why, but I just got so emotional, I started crying. Cried all the way to the elevator, up in the elevator, out of the elevator, it opened and three judges are looking at me and I'm just like, "Uhhh…" So I sat down on the seat and it was great because they didn't say anything to me for a whole like 30 seconds, which feels like an hour when you're sitting there and I cried for the entire 30 seconds and they started talking to me and it all got dragged out, then they said, "You made top 24." It just, it was crazy, I really didn't, I didn't think I was going to make top 24, so I had such a bad audition in San Diego. As soon as they said, it was just crazy, you don't, it takes, and I watched it with everybody. Everybody who came down that elevator had to be given a whole two hours before they were calm again, not shacking, and until it really had sunk in and then we all kinda' sat around the hotel lobby last night and we all spoke and it was just, it really started to sink in then, but it was just amazing, the coolest feeling ever.

  • Carly Smithson is truly one of the best contestants "American Idol" ever had on its show.

    Carly Smithson is a really wonderful artist. Despite some of the comments from Simon on "American Idol" that she didn't know who she was as a singer, she made a really big impression on me. She showed up every week doing the best she could, had a great attitude, and rocked out until she could rock no more. Her voice is very much like Kelly Clarkson's and she's very versatile in her singing in the way she can do ballads, pop, rock, and just about anything else people throw her way. Carly is an inspiration in that she was able to follow her dream to become a well known artist and I will never forget her determination and good heart. I wish her the best in her career and I cannot wait to hear her album!moreless
  • Amazing, amazing, amazing!

    I have never been this entranced and engaged by an American Idol finalist since Carrie Underwood back in the 4th season. If I can take a page from Randy Jackson's book, I would say that Carly can definitely blow! Her vocal power never ceases to amaze me - she makes singing Heart songs look so easy.

    And those eyes. Oh my god, those eyes make me melt.

    I was really sad when she was booted off the competition before her time, but I'm pretty sure she'll have a great career ahead of her. She's got boat loads of talent, has a great personality, and incredibly gorgeous. Who could ask for more?moreless