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  • Henry is arguably the best new character in House M.D season 4

    I was watching Guardian Angels from House M.D. season four the other day and I had to investigate about this actor because he was different than the others, his command was so superior and his lines were so well delivered that he had to come from a solid theater background and he did…sadly the character was cut for now but I bet we will see him again, not before thrashing other candidates… Carmen Argenziano showed that a good character doesn't need a lot of lines, or good comebacks to make it work…he just needs to make it his and it becomes believable. Good work
  • pretty good actor...

    Carmen Argenziano is a pretty good actor. I've seen him as Jacob Carter / Selmac in Stargate SG-1 and I think he does a very good job as that character. It must be hard to play an alien and play multiple peronalities in one body, but he does it well. I'm surprised he doesn't have a bigger role. He's been a guest star in a lot of shows, but he's never had a good major role. I guess it's just because there are no major roles out there for older guys...well, there are. I've also seen him in House and I think he did great on that show. He demands a presense on screen and delivers his lines well. He's a good actor, better than many but still not anything too special.