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Carmen Rasmusen

Carmen Rasmusen


3/25/1985, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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American Idol's youngest castmember (and possibly only, or at least 1st, Mormon castmember) was born March 26, 1985. As of May 27, 2003, the lovely Miss Rasmusen is not married (she's 18!), nor is she dating Clay (they only pretended to get her longtime boyfriend jealous), and so…more


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  • Carmen Rasmusen came in sixth place on American Idol 2.

    Carmen was truly and underrated talent. She was a good singer, not to mention pretty. She may not have measured up to Ruben and Clay standards, but she still did not recieve enough credit. She came onto the stage and did her best every week, gracing the stage with her amazing voice. That is why so many fans love her and voted her through each week. And Carmen's talent has not been lost. If you haven't heard her single that's out now, then I suggest you should. It rocks! Actually it's country, but same difference. Carmen is also recording an album which will be out soon. I think Carmen may have big things ahead of her.moreless