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    • Carmindy writes a newsletter once a month for her fans. The newsletter includes makeup tips, Q & A, and Carmindy's favourite products.

    • Carmindy likes to store moisturizing toner in a spray bottle and keep it in the fridge for a hot day. During the hot summer months she'll spray her face to cool her down and moisturize her skin.

    • Carmindy believes that the key to a great look is learning how to enhance your best features with sheer color rather than hiding under layers of makeup.

    • Carmindy's first book was released April 2007. The book is called 'The Five Minute Face'.

    • Carmindy was given the job as a makeup artist on TLC's What Not to Wear the day she auditioned.

    • Carmindy's first job was a Makeup Artist Assistant.

    • Carmindy did a TV commercial for Crest White Strips in 2004.

    • Carmindy is married to Javier Acosta.

    • Carmindy likes to practice new looks on people she finds are inspiring.
      Some of these "inspiring" people have included Cindy Crawford, Isabella Rossellini, Heidi Klum, Bjork, Ricky Martin, Molly Shannon, Ricki Lake and Christie Brinkley.

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