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  • he is soooooooooo HOTTT!!!! i love the way he squints his eyes and "BOOM"! i really really wish that they would show his and lindsey's romance WAY MORE!!!! i want to him lovin!!!

    i thinks hes so sweet to lindsey,i want to see more love scenes with them!!!he is sooooo cute,and they should have more stories of their lives!!! we want to see some juicy scenes!!!i love this show and i watch it on spike all the time,ive got the recordings on all the networks it somes on!!! cbs,cw,and spike! i hope they never stop this show and i hope we get to see the birth of the baby and the wedding and the actual kiss the bride KISS!and i would love to see more of flack's romantic life too!!!hes a hotty too,but danny is the hottest!!! and of course we love officer dan!!!(taylor!!!)
  • Love Carmine!

    First of all Carmine is soo hot.
    One of the main reasons why I got into Csi:ny is because of him.
    I really love his character on Csi:Ny, he such a talented actor.
    He plays a very convincing part as Danny Messer!
    I absolutly love his storyline, he's always been really tough but now we can see the softer side of him
    I like how he cares about his wife and daugter.
    (and yes, im one of those crazy DL Fans)
    Now he's in a wheelchair, we really see more of his softer side.
    I also really like his accent, the was his says something as simple as 'boom' I really like!
  • OMG Shirtless! It's a great idea!

    Carmine is gorgeous without his shirt on. He plays the witty, wise-cracking CSI, Danny Messer, from CSI: NY. I love his facial hair. It looks sexy. I hope he never shaves it off. I love him in CSI: NY because he looks hot in glasses.

    OMG! His character, Scott, in Shasta McNasty is hilarious, from what I saw on I love the episode with the scene of him fighting with that parrot. Lol, I almost peed myself laughing when I saw a picture of him naked, standing in front of a fruit basket that had a banana sticking out of it. That totally made my day.
  • cute, talented and a great artist.

    carmine has a lot of talent. not only is he an athlete, but he's a musician, a painter, an actor and a true friend. i love his character on csi:ny. his ups and downs we go through them together. he has grown, become stronger and wiser with time. he has a lot of strength but still has the pieces that bid to his weaknesses to pick up.

    carmine himself seems like a very cool guy. he drives around on a motorcycle, goes to shows, spends time with his family and friends and acts on an amazing show. he also fronts a band and plays guitar. he seems awesome.
  • That's right, Carmine Giovinazzo DESERVES to be a bigger star. I vote him if he was on Idol... I'd join "The Bachelor" if he was the bachelor. =))

    I got to know [stalked] Carmine Giovinazzo on CSI:NY, a totally great show, by the way. He plays Danny Messer, every girl's dream hunk. x]I know Carmine's MY dream hunk...

    He plays sports...that's how he got into acting right? Back injury, BASEBALL. I like a guy who can hit homers. :>

    He's really artistic. He paints and one of his paintings were even used in an episode of CSI. He plays the guitar. Wow.

    There is one thing though that bugs me about Carmine. He smokes. It kinda IS that big of a deal because 12% of global deaths are due to smoking and 71% of all Lung Cancer deaths are caused by smoking... Well, there's a piece of trivia. Carmine's hott in every way possible that I can think off.
    I wish he were my guy. :)
  • Carmine is in my favorite actors/actresses top 5 ever. As number one, to be exact!

    Carmine Giovinazzo is a fantastic actor, I first saw him as detective Danny Messer on CSI New York. He's not just very handsome (and he IS!), he can also act wonderfully. Happy, sad, angry, surprised: he can show every emotion perfectly and make it look like it's real. I think right now not an awful lot of people know him yet, and they don't know what they're missing! I really hope he will star in more shows or movies in the near future, because he deserves more attention in my opinion. Carmine is my number one favorite actor, and I think that when people see him, they will feel the same!
  • I love him...

    He is a great actor. Every time a see him in CSI:NY I smile. I have seen him in other shows performing very different roles and he is great in every work he does. I think that during the three seasons of CSI:NY he have showed us that he can be sweet, tough, impulsive, romantic, agresive(in a good way) and mature. His character has grown up and now he is a great worker and a great man.Of course, it's not necessary to say that he is so hot that makes me want to see him shirtless in every chapter of the series I see...waw....
  • What an Adonis. Talented, too!!

    He is my biggest crush right now. Or rather, Danny Messer is. But still, I love this guy. He's such a sex bomb. Very talented as well. All I can really say is; Thank god he
    threw out his back!

    I can honestly say I've only ever seen him on NY, but that's an impressive feat. He has such range. He's made me laugh and he's made me cry. I look forward to seeing his handsome face every week. I hope he has a long and happy career, one where he doesn't have to get up at six AM "every friggin' day." Ah, bless him.
  • Hot + Talented = Carmine Giovinazzo

    Carmine Is Very Hot and Really good at what he dose I Enjoy watching him on CSI: NY also loved it when he Guest Starred on "CSI: Vegas" As ThumperG He was great and Funny. I havent seen much else of what he did Before CSI: NY But I Sure hope he dose more stuff like movies or Guest Spots or maybe even commericals I Love Seeing him on TV And I Bet Watching him on the Big Screen would Rock.
  • Fit, gorgeous, amazing, the voice , omg just everything about him is so yum, delicious, im not even joking if i were older and in new york!!!!!!!!

    I just dont know what to say about him hes so amazing and the body, have you seen the body? i mean the muscles and the voice with his sexy accent, its just so heavenly. Hes the main reason i watch csi:ny and his whole of him i just want him, if your not seeing what im seeing then there is deffinatly somehting wrong with you becasue im telling you now in plain and simple he is gods gift! and the way he walks talks dresses and looks , i mean his eyes are just so gorgeous and they feel like they look straight through you, and he is so sporty cuz he is always chasing after everyone and jumping around and then when he talks about baseball hes just so serious and sexy, and he has an amazing sense of humour which is always important on someone that HOT. is has got to be one of then SEXYEST men alive EVER. LOVIN HIM!!!!!!!!!!!HE IS YUMMY!!!!!!!
  • Damn fine!

    I love his accent, New York accents are hot.
    He is so cute! That's stating the obvious.
    His muscles whoa! That's stating the obvious again.
    fantastic actor That's stating the obvious again.
    love him That's stating the obvious again.
    absolutley gorgeous. That's stating the obvious again.
    FIT! That's stating the obvious again.
    I love his character Danny Messer!
    Great chemistry with the other actors, especially Anna Belknap (Lindsay Monroe)

    Do you need anymore reasons why he is so great? He is just perfect! In every way. It's so obvious he is one of the best actors and plays the best character. He was so funny in what I've seen of Shasta. I don't think anyone could understand this.
  • Handsome and just gorgeous!

    I have never heard of this guy until CSI NY Premiered in 2004 and when I got a look of him
    Man he is such a fox as well as a renaissance man.
    Very talented and hope that he goes a long way
    Love it when his shirt is off. What can I say about him.
    He is a hunk!
  • This guy is drop-dead gorgeous!

    Welcome to CSI:NY, home to all the hotties!! Danny in the show is my favourite character and the role is played by Carmine!!! Carmine plays the role Danny well in CSI:NY! He's so hot and he has the bad boy look! His sense of humour in CSI:NY often makes me laugh my head off! And this fact is supported by the People's Magazine article. He was just featured as the one of the Sexiest Man Alive!

    I love his actings to bit. And i hope TPTB will not and never kill him off in CSI:NY! Not forgettng, his role, Danny and Lindsay must get together!! I'm glad TPTB made the right choice in choosing Danny!
  • Drop dead adorable and very, very, *ahem* hot...

    Great co-star on CSI New York and I must say, he's a great actor. He's absolutely stunning (cna you say that about a man?) and he's perfect for the role as Danny. He and "Lindsay" have a great chemistry that he can play incredilby. If he did it much better, I'd think it was real! Then again, who *wouldn't* want chemistry with him? *wink wink*
    I think he'll go far in his career and I hope he does not leave CSI New York a any point in the new future. The show definitely would not be the same without him.
  • OMG! What can I say about him.

    OMG! What Can I say about him. He is the reason why I watch CSI: NY. The first time I watched that show, and I saw him I was hooked. He is talented, hot, eye on the eyes, hot, very sweet looking, and HOT! He has one of those bodies that just doesn't know when to stop. He is my favorite person off of CSI: NY. He would be one of those actors if you walked up to him, he would be really nice to you. He is a great actor to watch. I really like the way he works. He is really good.
  • Whta can I say???

    Lets keep this simple :
    - brilliant actor
    - sex on legs
    - talented artist
    - god damn gorgeous
    - the reason I watch CSI new york
    - fittest guy on television
    - gives a image of guys in glassen (when playing Danny)
    - sexy like no other

    ok , so the reason s I like this guy are simple and listed above and I am sure that any red blooded female will agree,and some men to think of it.
    His on screen chemistry will all the actors on CSI new york is something that you cant and for that reason over all I am officially calling Carmine Giovinazzo as my favourite actor of 2006
  • This guy can do it all! Not only is he easy on the eyes, but he's got talent oozing out of him and he cares about his fans.

    Carmine Giovinazzo is it!! He has talent to spare and he truly does care about his fans, evident by letting people email him and then, in his spare time, emailing them back. It truly does make one feel like they are appreciated. Could you ask for something more in an actor?
  • LOVE HIM!!!

    The best part of CSI:NY is Carmine!! He is so hot and funny and easy to like. He also is very good at what he does and is very relaxed around Lindsay. They are so cute when they flirt. Someday hopefully they will get togethere on the show that would be an interesting twist. Danny is such a rebel and the kind of guy you would have to be carefull around but i think if he really set his mind to it he wouldn't seem so dangerous so him and Lindsay could finally get together. That would be a pretty sweet pairing.
  • i love my cousin!!!!!

    yes its true carmine is my cousin, my name is christina giovinazzo and i am so happy to be related to such a great guy..i think he is so talented and i love him very glad too see that so many of you guys love him too except for little "happy yellow ball" over here who thinks my cousin is a "particle board" which is sooo not true if anyone knows good acting hellloooo its my cousinn..well anyway thanks for supporting himmmmmm guysss he loves you all!!
  • Carmine is amazing. He's mostly the reason why I watch CSI: NY.

    I adore Carmine. He is gorgeous, funny and an amazing actor. Carmine is probably the main reason why I watch CSI: NY. I love watching him in everything he is in. I also believe that he should be shirtless more often because he has an amazing body. To sum it all up Carmine is definitely one of my favorite actors.
  • Love Love Love!!

    He does tend to charm the pants of you, with that rugged tough on the outside soft on the inside italian american native new york attitude. I have a thing for New York accents (and Texan!) I can feel myself melting away everytime I hear him speak. Dear God I think I\\\'m drooling!!
  • What an actor with amazing skills! We love you!

    I am very pleased with this actor. I have been a fan of all the CSI\\\'s and I was kind of leery when CSI New York came out. Anyways to the point: The reason I watch this show is because of Carmine Giovinazzo. He is hot. He has so many skills. I believe that in the near future he will be one of the greatest actors of our time. His attitude on the show is great. He has that bad boy attitude under that little boyish grin. He is one powerful actor. All the shows and movies that I have seen him in are wonderful as well. We will defintely see great things from as his acting career progresses. Way to go Carmine!
  • A hot guy who can act which is a rarity in Hollywood.

    I love Carmine Giovinazzo and his character in CSI: NY, Danny Messer. He is a great actor and he has a true talent. I remember seeing him in the episode of CSI "Revenge is Best Served Cold," and thought nothing of it but now when I see that episode I think, "wow, he's Danny in CSI: NY."

    Anyway, I have also seen him in the movie The Learning Curve and think he did a great performance in that as well. I hope to see more of him around in Hollywood and am glad that people are getting to see his talent in CSI: NY.
  • I think he's handsome and a good actor, he also has a sexy accent. But taste is personall

    I think he's a good actor I also watched him in ''For love of the game'', that was funny he looked cute in that New York Yankees outfit.

    I especially like his role as Danny Messer.

    Dutch: Hij is echt geweldig en knap, ik vind de serie zowieso erg leuk en spannend.
  • Brilliant actor. I definitely don't agree that he's wooden.

    Carmine Giovinazzo is definitely a great actor. I've only seen him in CSI: NY but you don't really need to see anything else to know that. Some people have said that he's wooden. I don't agree with that at all. He's one of the few actors who don't need lines to express what they're feeling. You can see it all in their face. In my opinion, he's one of those people along with Joaquin Phoenix. He plays a great part in CSI and just draws you in to what ever is going on in the episode. He can also carry off an episode almost by himself. In one episode (I think it was Outside Man) he was the lead in the case and I never once felt that it wasn't right.

    I think he'll continue to be one of my favourite actors, especially if he continues to act as well as he does in CSI: NY.