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  • he is soooooooooo HOTTT!!!! i love the way he squints his eyes and "BOOM"! i really really wish that they would show his and lindsey's romance WAY MORE!!!! i want to him lovin!!!

    i thinks hes so sweet to lindsey,i want to see more love scenes with them!!!he is sooooo cute,and they should have more stories of their lives!!! we want to see some juicy scenes!!!i love this show and i watch it on spike all the time,ive got the recordings on all the networks it somes on!!! cbs,cw,and spike! i hope they never stop this show and i hope we get to see the birth of the baby and the wedding and the actual kiss the bride KISS!and i would love to see more of flack's romantic life too!!!hes a hotty too,but danny is the hottest!!! and of course we love officer dan!!!(taylor!!!)