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    • Carmine Giovinazzo: (The biggest change since getting the role of Danny on CSI: NY) The fact that I'm now waking up in the morning, putting on a suit and tie and grabbing the briefcase and going to work. That lifestyle--that's probably the biggest change I'm adjusting to. It's kind of a claustrophobic feeling for me, the idea of committing to [that lifestyle]. It's not even 9-5 when you're working [on a television show]; it's 6am to 6 at night, or 9am to 9 or 10 at night. So that's the biggest adjustment. There's a grind and it's a lot of waiting--sure, you get a day off here and there--but I have to be here [on set]. Then beyond that, there's delivering this kind of material, which is a real challenge itself, this style of acting, which is its own entity. For the most part, it's just the challenge of the schedule.