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Carol Mendelsohn

Carol Mendelsohn

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Carol S. Mendelsohn
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Mendolsohn started out her career with writing for series such as "Heartbeat", "Fame", and "Midnight Caller". She went on to co-produce the Vietnam war series "Tour of Duty", then produced "Gabrriel's Fire", and following that was supervising producer for "The Trials", "Rosie O'Neill", and "Crossroads". Before "CSI: Crime…more


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    • Carol Mendelsohn: (On "CSI"'s kinkiest episodes) We try to think, 'What would our fans like to see? What would be a thrill ride?' Our job is to make them want to come back next week, to create a great hour. That's the guidepost to everything we do.

    • Carol: A lot of times when all the guys went to lunch, the door would literally slam in my face. I would go to lunch with the assistants, who were women.

    • Carol: Lee Majors once said to me, `Where did you learn to write like a man?' That was a compliment.

    • Carol: (When asked about some of the more out-there story lines on "CSI") In Vegas, anything goes.

    • Carol: As a fan [of CSI], I want to know a little more about [the characters].

    • Carol: I think a show starts to struggle when it's reactive to external events, as opposed to growing and evolving from what is happening organically in the show.

    • Carol: Obviously ["CSI" is] not a soap opera. We are not a serial. We will always be a show about science, mystery, clues and twists and turns.

    • Carol: You can't write a show unless you talk about who these people are and what makes them tick. We don't always show what makes them tick, but when a situation presents itself, when a story lends itself to that, it's exciting for both the writers and the actors to have a little blip of the private person.

    • Carol: I was a little concerned, [about the competition between "CSI" and "Grey's Anatomy"] but I learned from that. I learned that two great shows can coexist on a night. There is enough audience. I believe that it's a lot of competition for us, it makes next season very exciting for us. It's a great show. I don't know what's going to happen but I do think we can both coexist on that night. And we're going to do our best to deliver the best season ever.

    • Carol: At the moment ["CSI"] is about Grissom and his team, and I hope it will always be about that.

    • Carol: In real life, relationships take a long time to develop. Real life isn't a soap opera. And real lives change and flow.

    • Carol: Only by seeing strong role models, can girls realize that everything's possible.

    • Carol: I believe you can change the way people look at the world, without hitting them over the head, through the power of the pen.

    • Carol: Once you start that train, it keeps moving. There's never an uninterrupted moment. It's like running a big corporation.

    • Carol: I loved the life you could have in Ithaca.

    • Carol: I'm a huge Liev Schreiber fan. On stage or in film, I think he's one of the finest actors of his generation.

    • Carol: (Of her work on "CSI") I've never been on a show with so many writers.

    • Carol: [The science on "CSI" is] approachable, understandable and fun.

    • Carol: The one thing Jerry Bruckheimer said to us from the beginning is, 'When people are surfing, I want them to stop and say, "That's a Bruckheimer show".

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  • I must say that I started noticing Ms Mendelsohn's name when I started looking at CSI. Why, she is is female. Her last name is the same as my favorite composer Felix Mendelssohn,A Midsummer Night's Dream. She has done a lot. I am impressed with her.moreless

    Carol' name just seem to be everywhere on the TV credits. I was wondering, who is Carol Mendelsohn? As I was going through the list of the CSI schedules, I noticed her name and clicked on it. I was totally blown away by her bio. How impressive is that. Is Ms Carol going to be producer on Hawaii Five-O or any other new shows on CBS? All the show she is involves in, in my opinion, are great shows. I know that she will continue doing excellent work in the entertainment community. I admire strong, smart and independent women .moreless