Carol Potter

Carol Potter


5/21/1948, New York, New York, USA

Birth Name

Carol Potter



Also Known As

Carol Potter Eastman
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She has a counseling practice and has appeared in a large number of soap operas, including a starring role as Cindy Walsh for the first five seasons of Beverly Hills, 90210. She was born on May 21, 1948 in New York.


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  • Has had numerous guest starring roles on JAG, Crossing Jordan, NYPD Blue, and Greek. She also had a starring role on Beverly Hills, 90210 for 5 seasons as Cindy Walsh.

    The mother of Brenda and Brandon Walsh, Carol did a fantastic job her five years on Beverly Hills, 90210 as Cindy Walsh. Carol, even though an episode never really focused on her or James Eckhouse (who played her tv husband Jim Walsh), and neither of their acting abilities were really displayed. My favorite scene with Carol is when her character, Cindy, went to help out Brenda (co-star Shannen Doherty) from the evil plot of Deidre (co-star Rebecca Staab), and it was just so funny and so well acted by these terrifically talented woman. Carol did a great job in her years as a regular on Beverly Hills, 90210, and im hoping for some more fantastic performances for her.moreless