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Carole Ann Ford

Carole Ann Ford



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Carol Ann Ford
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Carole Ann Ford is a British actress. Her first film appearance was in The Last Load when she was eight years old. After taking acting lessons, she did some commercials and walk-on roles. In the late 50's, she did some work as a glamor model. Acting in film…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • She gave the name TARDIS herself in the the pilot episode of Doctor Who (1963).

    • Carole Ann still has brown hair.

    • Carole Ann was close friends with William Hartnell, William Russell, and Jaqueline Hill, who all appearaed on Doctor Who.

    • Carole Ann is the one responsible for naming the TARDIS, the Doctor's ship on Doctor Who.

    • Carol Ann left Doctor Who after 2 seasons. She left because she felt that Susan was not getting to adult stages.

    • Carol Ann cried when she found out that Jaquline Hill (Barbara) died in 1993. They were very close friends.

    • Carol Ann Ford cried on her last day of filming Doctor Who. She returned for The Five Doctors (1983) as Susan Foreman. Carol Ann also reprised her role as Susan Foreman in Dimensions in Time.

    • Caorl Ann Ford also was saddened by the death of Richard Hurndall, who died 5 months after appearing in Doctor Who: The Five Doctors, starring Peter Davison. Carol Ann cried for weeks afterwards.

    • Carol Ann was heartbroken when she learned that William Hartnell died in 1975. She cried for weeks after his death. They were close friends.

    • Carole Ann has green eyes.

    • Carole Ann's appearance on the British series Z-Cars led to her landing the role of Susan Foreman on Doctor Who.

    • Carole Ann worked for Big Finish Productions, a British company that produced Doctor Who audio plays.

    • Carole Ann's hobbies include riding, painting, swimming and dancing.

    • Carole Ann lives in London working as a dialogue coach who teaches voice and presentation skills to actors, businessmen, politicians and after dinner speakers.

    • Carole Ann Ford is married and has two daughters named Miranda and Tara.

  • Quotes

    • Carole Ann: I left Dr Who after 18 months as my character was going nowhere. In truth, I wished I had never gone into it. Afterwards all the scripts that came my way were for 15-year olds.

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