Carole Lombard





10/6/1908 , Fort Wayne, Indiana



Birth Name

Jane Alice Peters




Carole Lombard was eight years old when her parents divorced and her mother moved her and her two older brothers from Indiana to Los Angeles to begin a new life. She was only twelve years old when she was spotted by a scout and given a small role in a silent film. By the time she was 18 she had signed a contract with Paramount, and went from doing spy movies to comedies. Six years later, Carole was one of the highest paid stars in Hollywood, earning $35,000 a week. She married William Powell in 1931 but they divorced less than two years later. In 1939, Lombard married Clark Gable and their union was idealized by the media. A real patriot, Carole was a huge supporter of the war effort, and was on her way back from a bond fundraiser in her native hometown when the plane that she was on with her mother and publicist crashed, killing everyone on board.