Caroline Botelho

Caroline Botelho


11/22/1989, Boston, MA

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Caroline Botelho



Also Known As

Caroline, Carolinamoon, Caroline Botelho
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Caroline Botelho stars on the show "Zoom" which airs on PBS Kids. She has been on "Zoom" for four years. She is best friends with Elena "Shing Ying" Shieh. She sometimes visits the new cast members in the ZOOM Room.


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    • Caroline Botelho: Anyone can volunteer. It can be cleaning your room, or cleaning your kitchen for your mom, or reading to your younger brother -- anything can be volunteering.

    • Caroline Botelho: (to a ZOOM fan) A lot of it is really related to school, so it's during school hours. And sometimes, if it's something you really want to do, you just have to make it a priority in your life. And it also doesn't have to be something big. If you just read to your little brother or sister, that is considered volunteer work also.

    • Caroline Botelho: 'ZOOM' is a national show. You can watch it on any of your local PBS stations across the country. It's in a couple other countries too.

    • Caroline Botelho: You can go onto the ZOOM Into Action section at the 'ZOOM' Web site, which is, and that's where you can get ideas and share your stories and read other people's stories, and it gives you a bunch of resources. I do a lot of stuff out of my school, through my teachers. And I used to be in Girl Scouts and did a lot of volunteer work with them. Or your church or temple or whatever. Or your town.

    • Caroline Botelho: You could have a bake sale to donate money for an organization.

    • Caroline Botelho: You can make money for charities and humane societies by having a birthday party, and instead of the children bringing presents, they can bring pet food or normal food or anything that the organization is about.

    • Caroline Botelho: I've made meals for homeless people. I've participated in a bake sale to raise money to buy a rose bush for one of the families who lost their mother in 9/11. I've cleaned up the beach in the Beach Clean-Up in my town. I donated old clothes and books and things like that to an organization. And I made Christmas cards and went caroling at a nursing home. And I recycled Christmas trees to raise scholarship money for a Boys and Girls Club.

    • Caroline Botelho: My parents have had the most profound effect on my life. They're always there. They always comfort me and are always there for me. They encourage me to do so many things, and I love them!

    • Caroline Botelho: I like to act, and my favorite part is that we get to dress up.

    • Caroline Botelho: On the ZOOM website, there's also a science section that shows science experiments. There's also a coloring page -- you can print out the pictures and color them.

    • Caroline Botelho: If we had a surprise guest on our show, the guest would be all of the people from the '70s ZOOM. It would be cool. They could tell us what it was like back then.

    • Caroline Botelho: It's always different every year. You always get new experiences, so you don't know what to expect. We already taped everything over the summer, so just watch the show and see what has changed!

    • Caroline Botelho: We're all very good friends, so we love to spend time together. We talk on the phone and go online together.

    • Caroline Botelho: I don't really have a favorite color. I love all the colors!

    • Caroline Botelho: ZOOM doesn't interfere with school because it tapes during the summer.

    • Caroline Botelho: No one really knows who invented the Ubbi Dubbi. Someone did in the '70s. It's a little difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, it just flows. The way you speak it is to put an "ub" in front of every vowel.

    • Caroline Botelho: I think everyone wants to audition again. It's a wonderful experience, and everyone loves it!


    i think she is the best one in the show she is totaly cool she doesnt act all that like shing ying but zoom is a really good show and i think caroline makes the show the best caroline is always willing to tell the truth in her life like in the show she is always talking about her childhood and expreses really good at first i thought she was like 12 but she is 17 WOWmoreless