Caroline Rhea

Caroline Rhea


4/13/1964, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Caroline Gilchrist Rhea


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Caroline Gilchrist Rhea was born the youngest of three girls in Montreal, Quebec, Canada to an American father and Canadian mother. She grew up and lived in Canada until 1989 when she moved to New York when she attended The New School of Social Research to study stand-up…more


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    • Caroline: (two things she learned from her show "The Biggest Loser") One: you can see that scale from space; and two: and that I say this as a joke, people always say like it's pilates or whatever (that made them lose weight), and I always say people should lose weight the old fashioned way on television, divided in teams.

    • Caroline: (on the title of her show "The Biggest Loser") The title doesn't really bother me anymore because the contestants are who I really care about and they are so happy by the end of it, they really want to be the biggest loser.

    • Caroline: My first boyfriend is a gay activist in Toronto now and I feel really responsible (for his outing)…yeah it's the last stop on outsville, going out with Caroline.

    • Caroline: (on hosting "The Biggest Loser") You know what makes me laugh, everyones like have you lost weight? And I'm like do you think Jeff Probst has ever eaten a bug in his life? I try.

    • Caroline: I feel that reality has gone too far. People are going to be sitting around their families and they're just going to turn to dad and go, 'It's just not working out. We voted you out of the family. So you're eliminated. Mom is making more than you now, and I'm seven, she's nine, we don't need you'.'

    • Caroline: My road to comedy was full process of elimination, no skill in any other area.

    • Caroline: I think you have to keep the public aware of certain things that are going on, and if comedy is your thing, more than being on television or in a play or anything, that's what you focus on. Stand-up is what makes me feel the most... present.

    • Caroline: Don't compare yourself with someone else's version of happy or thin. Accepting yourself burns the most calories.

    • Caroline: I am the kind of celebrity where fans eventually say to me 'UM...I've got to go', I am way too chatty. Probably 40% of my stage stuff is improvised.

    • Caroline: I enjoyed making a movie with Jim Carrey, he is a genius. The faces that man can make sent me into a fit on a moment's notice. If I was tired, he pumped me up. He was a pleasure to work with.

    • Caroline: The stage is the place I feel most comfortable in the entire world. I have an unbelievable desire to connect with people.

    • Caroline: Yes, I will admit it, I got my heart broke right there on television. well, not on the set, but my engagement was broken during the final days of my talk show. I wore the big dark sunglasses, but thanks to the papers, people knew all about my personal trauma. I was just so happy to get off of the air, and to grieve privately.

    • Caroline: If there's ONE question that I am positive will stick with me for the rest of my life, it is about 'Salem' the talking cat. People think I have him at my house or something, they ask how he is....Ummmm...animatronic? How's that for an answer, 'Salem' is a fake cat.

    • Caroline: Everyone thinks that my pseudo-crush on Chris Botti was real. I was kidding, it was something to talk about on a talk show every day, things like that play out. No crush.

    • Caroline: I just really hated the name The Biggest Loser for our show, I thought it was terrible. I am the host of a show about losers? No, the show should have been titled differently, these people were already humiliated in the beginning.

  • I loved her on Sabrina the Teenage Witch!

    Caroline Rhea is one of my favorite actress's she is so funny on Sabrina the Teenage Witch as Aunt Helda she is stared in many tv shows and guest stared in alot and she has been in alot of movies I was pretty mad when she was not on Sabrina the Teenage Witch but it was her choice to go and she made a guest star role in the final episode of the series that was a good thing to do in the end she still continues to act and I have seen her many shows and hope she continues acting I rate Caroline Rhea perfect 10.0!moreless
  • One of my favorite actresses...

    Caroline Rhea is one of my favorite actresses. I saw her first on Sabrina the Teenage Witch - it is kind of sad that she was fired with the seventh season, although her character kind of sucked in the fifth and sixth seasons. But she does have a nice sense of humor... Anyway ,I also love her other show, The Biggest Loser. I also saw her a while ago on some talk show - unfortunately, I can't remember the name. It was on the CW and the show had a microphone for their logo. Anyway, to summarize this, Caroline Rhea is a great, nice, and funny person.moreless