Carolyn Kepcher

Carolyn Kepcher


1/30/1969, Westchester County, New York City, New York, USA

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Carolyn Kepcher is an executive vice president of The Trump Organization and managing partner of Trump Golf Management, LLC, which consolidates under one umbrella all Trump golf properties, their operations and marketing. She has been with the Trump Organization since 1994 and is a key player in the…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Carolyn advises people not to believe everything they read.

    • According to Carolyn, in order to get a raise from her boss Donald Trump she had to ask for one.

    • Carolyn insists on being called "Ms. Kepcher" during interviews.

    • She no longer works with the Trump Organization as of August 31, 2006

    • Carolyn Kepcher recently published a book called "Carolyn 101" in which she describes the ideal "rules" for making it in the business world. Rules that a good boss must follow, a good employee must follow, a good team must follow, as well as practical advice on managing career and family for women.

  • Quotes

    • Carolyn: How I got involved in (The Apprentice) is a very, very long story. Here it is: (Donald Trump) asked and I said yes.

    • Carolyn: (In response to a comment made about her ultra-conservative attire versus the sexy clothing choices made by the female The Apprentice contestants) Somebody in the boardroom had to wear business attire.

    • Carolyn: Hey, it's a boardroom and someone will get fired. We're not there to say, 'You did such a good job, let me pat you on the back.' Is there a lot of negativity in there? Well, yeah!

    • Carolyn: (on her Apprentice fame) To be perfectly honest, I'm a little too wrapped up in my real job right now to actually go out and enjoy it.

  • respect her

    I have nothing but respect for this woman, she is strong, pretty, intelligent, and has a key position in one of the biggest corperation that there is, and she manages to stand up to Trump, and assert herself, if I could be anyone else I would pick her, she makes the apprentice for me
  • The "good cop" of the Apprentice

    If Donald is the bad cop

    George is neutral either good or bad

    Then Carolyn is usually the good cop

    And sometimes you need that

    When you face the Donald

    Sometimes she can be hard on people

    But if you ask me, she is the good cop

    And tries to help others

    My mind changed about her when she went to see a contestant trying to quit(Who would of course eventually do so)

    As she tried to get her back

    I mean that was very good of her

    Don't know if Trump ordered her to do that

    Or she did it on her own

    But again she is the good cop of the Apprentice!moreless