Carolyn Lawrence

Carolyn Lawrence


5/21/1964, Baltimore, Maryland

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Carolyn Lawrence is a girl who was born in Baltimore, Maryland. She currently lives in Fremont, California. She is the star in the shows: Spongebob Squarepants, The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius,Moral Orel and Party Wagon.


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    • Carolyn: (as Sandy Cheeks) I sure wish I had a fancy telescope, one that works underwater. That'd make me happier than a June bug in a porch light sale!

    • Carolyn: I have thought that I should probably start training in a martial art, because it's probably similar to dancing, and since animated characters all seem to do it, maybe it would help me channel a little when I'm playing Sandy and she's doing her karate moves. They won't mind at all in the recording studio.

    • Carolyn: I really do love videogames and I love the whole technology of everything, but I'm not particularly savvy. I need some training, because I can't ever get to the level… I know there's a SpongeBob game where you get to become Sandy at a higher level. I can't get there!

    • Carolyn: I can tell from my end too, as a performer. When videogames first started happening, and I did my first couple, the directors weren't terribly concerned about the performance of the voice talent. They were always like, "Fine! Moving on!" because the games weren't as intricate. But now they're like mini-films and they need things to be very well-acted, because the consumer has gotten so savvy.

    • Carolyn: They hand you a stack of papers and you're like, "Oh, good God! I'm never going to get to leave!" Because you do have to sit there and say things over and over in all the varying ways it can be really intense, especially when you're doing a game that has so much action.

    • Carolyn: It's wild! It's so not ladylike! I'm all sweaty from working so hard. Come out of there like I ran a marathon, you know? "What are you doing?" "Voice work."

    • Carolyn: Doing an animated show is just a different kind of experience, because both an animated show and a game, they get you for four hours. They can have you for longer, but you have to have a break. So you can go four hours, and then they have to give you a lunch break, and then you come back for another four hours. But if you're thinking about talking straight for four hours, you don't do that in life… So you have to be very careful.

    • Carolyn: They walked me through the storyline at the session and they showed me some rough animation of what she looked like and how things were going to be, so I could get the tone of it, but other than that, they just let me do my thing, which is great. We had already auditioned, so they knew the voice is what they wanted, so there wasn't any concerns there, and then it was just allowing me to act and they were wonderful, really great, in the session.

    • Carolyn: (referring to her role as Orel Puppington) I love this little guy, he tries so hard, but just can't seem to stay out of trouble - kind of like me!

    • Carolyn: I still go to dancing class. I keep thinking that somehow in my career it will come back around. Like I would get a role and I would finally get to do something fun. Or even, (it would) be really fun to play somebody who does martial arts.

    • Carolyn: Playing an animated character is very surreal. Because, it'll never… you know, I could probably be 90 and it won't feel like… it's hard to explain. Spongebob has become such a phenomenon and even the games, like Resident Evil, they're so enormous that it's hard to imagine I'm even a part of it.

    • Carolyn: (Referring to her role as Sandy Cheeks) It's really wild because after so many years, I feel like she's-it's gonna sound insane-but she does feel like another person to me. Like, I feel protective of her, even though she's not real. It's a very strange… 'Cause when you've played a character for five years, I don't know… they kind of start to take on a life of their own. So, if I see people in chat rooms or whatever and somebody's dissin' Sandy, I get really like, 'Hey! You leave her alone!'.

    • Carolyn: I like the nickel slots and the penny slots. That's about all I do. But the last time I was there (in Las Vegas), I learned how to play Pai Gow. Not that I would remember now when I go back.

    • Carolyn: I am doing a lot of stuff these days. I was actually just thinking how great it would be to take a vacation; like a real one. I just took a vacation that was kind of a family reunion.

    • Carolyn Lawrence: My New Year's resolution is to spend more time with my family and friends. Perhaps it's a bit boring, but it's true!

    • In Jimmy Neutron this is her favorite quote: Cindy: Beat it, Nerdtron!

  • Carolyn Lawrence is a great voice actress!!!

    Carolyn Lawrence is one of my favroite voice actresses. I really enjoy hearing her souther acent. She has done a great job as both Sandy on Spongebob and Cindy on Jimmy Neutron! I know that she is also the star in Moral Oral but I have not been able to find that show on anywhere although I have read the reviews and summaries. My only complant is that I feel as though she is greatly underused. She has such great talent and I would like to she her in some more things but I think she is great whenever I do here her voice in somthing!moreless
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    Even though all the characters she provides the voice for are all the same (nearly), she's a great voice actor anyway. She does a few movies and some cartoons including SpongeBob SquarePants and Jimmy Neutron, I think she's perfect at voice acting.