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  • I really liked Carrie and I though Elise was unjustly cruel to her. If Elise had not been there to constantly criticize her I feel that Carrie would have done much better. Elise swayed the other teamed members on several occasions to omit Carrie's dish.


    I thought Carrie was a good chef and if it had not been for Elise I feel that she would have been there much longer. I think Elise was unjustly cruel to Carrie and on several occasions Elise was able to sway the other team members to omit Carries dish in a team challenge which resulted in the team losing the challenge. I'm sure that the constant criticism and cruel, unkind words from Elise that Carrie had to endure every day took a toll on her self-esteem and probably caused her to make mistakes in the kitchen which only made Elise criticize more. It seems to me that Elise had an agenda to make Carrie's life as miserable as possible and would not stop till Carrie was gone. I think that makes Elise nothing more than a coward. I could say a few more things about her, but I don't use that kind of language. I'm just sorry that Carrie had to be the object of Elise's mental problems. If you read this Carrie, I was on your side the entire time Hell's Kitchen was on.