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  • Dr Miller is a new actress on General Hospital who seems to have set herself us a siren, an unusual role for a doctor.

    General Hospital has always been one of my favorite soaps and I have watched it since I was a small child. The show has had always had the nice balance of drama, intrigue and sometimes humor, thanks to the great character actors. About three years ago I stopped watching it as I was begining to get bored and instead turned to other soaps such as As the World Turns. The other day I turned it on for the first time and decided to watch and I was very pleasantly surprised!Dr Miller has definitely made her mark in the show. She has the look that is necessary for a doctor: strict, smart yet human. This episode made me decide to begin watching again. I would like to see some pationate love scenes.

  • Carrie is a cool girl. I grew up with her in Virginia, and I was sad when she moved away. I wish I could get in touch with her,I haven't seen her since that day at Springfield Mall. She is rising fast, and is sure to sizzle in the industry.moreless

    I like what I have seen so far, and I think breaking into movies and other screen appearances is a wise choice for her. I have not seen her much in modeling, but she is surely a rising star in the industries she has tapped. Way to go Carrie! Find me!

    Bonnie Ballentine (now Byler)