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  • true talent

    Carol O 'Conner is one of the best, most beloved actors ever, from All in the Familys loveable Bigot, to In tbe heat of the night, and Married to an African American Woman, he always was the picture of Dignaty off screen, and his role heart and soul on screen, I truely miss ths great talent
  • One of the most greatest acter that ever lived.

    Carroll O Conner is one of the greatest actor that had ever been in seen on tv.He did all amazing works on television.Which I had ever seen before.Even though I hadn't seen his other recent appearance even liked Heat In The Night and the others.Which I don't really know what of course.But the only thing.That I can think that he did amazing job is All In The Family.He plays Archie really well.I am well amaze at his acting skill.I wished that he had his own show.But even if he is gone.He would not be forgetten by all fans of course.