Carroll Spinney

Carroll Spinney


12/26/1933, Waltham, Massachusetts, USA

Birth Name

Carroll Edward Spinney


Also Known As

Caroll Spinney, Ed Spinney
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Carroll Spinney wanted to work with puppets on television ever since childhood. When he was a child, he would have puppet shows in his neighborhood. Then, he went into the military for fear he might be drafted. In the military, he did cartoons under the name of Ed…more


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  • A children's TV legend that'll live on forever!

    Caroll Spinney is one of the most beloved and talented Muppet puppeteers ever, and he is no exception in the world of children's programming! His two most famous characters, Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, have always been some of my childhood favorites, and they'll never retire! I'm sad to hear that Caroll has aged (he's still alive though), and he won't be able to puppeteer anymore, but we can still catch him puppeteering in some old episodes of Sesame Street, thanks to the Sesame Street Old School DVD box set! He even got a Lifetime Achievement Award and a Star on the Walk of Fame! Caroll Spinney will live on in our hearts and minds forever!moreless