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  • Carson Brown is terrific in Shannon's Rainbow. She is so cool and gorgeous! After reading "Save the horses, Save Shannon's Rainbow" on google search, my wife and I feel the actors are getting the short end.moreless

    My wife and I saw Shannon's Rainbow at a pre-screening in PA on March 21 and we want to see it again. It is so good, has given us a new respect for horses, love and family. Carson Brown and the other actors are great. I just read "Save the Horses, Save Shannon's Rainbow" on google search. My wife feels and I do too that these great actors are getting the short-end if these men are allowed to prevent the release of this really good film in USA theaters! This movie is great and the cast is outstanding. Are these men Crazy or just greedy beyond soul? Well, we will find out who is guilty of this and who is innocent, but we will keep watching!moreless