Carson Daly

Carson Daly


6/22/1973, Santa Monica, California, USA

Birth Name

Carson Jones Daly


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  • Carson Daly on The Voice.
  • Carson Daly on The Voice.
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In 1991 Carson dropped out of Loyola University to pursue a golf career. Instead, he began interning at a radio station, eventually DJ-ing at a San Francisco modern rock station.

After this, Daly shot to prominence as host of MTV's Total Request Live, or TRL. He was…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Carson owns a green Taylor 614ce guitar that was given to him by Michelle Branch during a Total Request Live episode in 1998, after Michelle had taught him how to play her hit single Everywhere.

    • Carson's mother, Patty, is a breast cancer survivor. She was honored at a Lifetime's Breast Cancer Heroes luncheon in 2004.

    • Carson is of Irish descent.

    • Carson's hobbies include golfing, surfing, and barbecuing.

    • Carson's nationally syndicated radio program Carson Daly Most Requested, broadcast by Premiere Radio Networks, reaches millions of listeners each day.

    • On November 27, 2007, Carson was accused by the WGA (Writers Guild of America) of soliciting jokes for his talk show Last Call with Carson Daly through a telephone hotline.

    • During the writers strike of 2007, Carson was given an ultimatum. He was to either put on a new show on December 3, 2007 or 75 people would be fired. He put on the show.

    • Carson attended a Catholic elementary school. He also attended College of the Desert, in Palm Desert, CA.

    • In 1996, Carson relocated to the popular KROQ radio station in Southern California. It was as a DJ at KROQ that Carson was discovered by MTV.

    • Carson was credited as the first person in the United States to interview singer Alanis Morissette.

    • Carson helms his own record label, called "456 Records".

    • Carson has a sister named Quinn, who works for Demand Media.

    • While hosting Last Call, Carson Daly appeared in 2 of NBC's public service announcements, The More You Know. His topics were diversity and mentoring.

    • Carson appeared in Eminem's video that parodies him and Christina Aguilera, 'The Real Slim Shady'.

    • Carson's favorite moment on his talk show was when magician David Blaine was a guest, and he 'pulled' his heart out and fainted. It was staged, but still shocked the audience.

    • Carson's trademark ending line on his talk show was 'Go get some sleep', due to the fact that his show ended in the early morning hours.

    • Carson's father died of bladder cancer when he was six years old. His mother Pattie Daly Caruso hosts a television talk show in Palm Springs, California titled Valley Views. His stepfather, Richard Caruso owns a golf pro shop.

    • Carson once played golf against Tiger Woods in the American Junior Golf Tournament.

    • Carson appeared in a commercial for Motorola Cell Phones/Pagers in 2000, and for Diet Pepsi in 2005.

    • Carson did the print ad for America's Dairy Farmers & Milk Processors in 2001. He wore the 'Got Milk?' white mustache on his upper lip.

    • Carson was ranked #24 in TV Guide's list of '25 Greatest Teen Idols' in January of 2005.

    • Carson's late night talk show, Last Call with Carson Daly was nominated in both 2003 & 2004 for 'Teen Choice Awards', under 'Choice TV Show-Late Night'.

    • Carson is the executive producer of his own company, Carson Daly Productions.

    • Carson met Tara Reid while he was filming MTV's 'Spring Break' special in Cancun, Mexico in February of 2000. He went on to propose marriage to her on October 29th of the same year. Jimmy Kimmel was to be the best man at the wedding. Tara postponed their wedding which was to take place in May of the following year, and finally called everything off, including the relationship, in June of 2001.

    • Carson worked in the San Francisco Bay area as a radio DJ in the early 1990's at the alternative listening radio station 98.5 KOME.

    • Carson has dated: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Willa Ford, and Christina Aguilera. He was also once engaged to Tara Reid.

    • Carson first appeared on MTV in 1997, as a VJ (Video Jockey). One year later, he became the host of his own MTV show, Total Request Live. This pushed Carson into the spotlight, and introduced him to audiences world-wide.

    • Carson's nicknames are: 'The Tool', and 'Buddha'.

    • Carson was raised as a Roman Catholic, and wanted to be a priest while he was growing up.

    • Carson began his entertainment career with an internship at Palm Springs, California radio station KCMJ FM under the name 'Kid Carson'.

    • Carson graduated from Santa Monica High School in 1991 and went on to receive a golf scholarship to Loyola Marymount University, where he opted to major in Theology. He attended Loyola Marymount for a year, but dropped out to pursue other avenues, such as entertainment.

    • Carson was once a golf caddy for O.J. Simpson.

  • Quotes

    • Carson Daly: (When asked what his secret indulgence is) Probably really bad pop music. I'm kind of a pop whore. Like there's time that I'll just listen to some really cheesy, cheesy pop music really loud and it's really embarrassing. And I pray that no one is watching, but I just have a soft-spot for it. Guilty pleasure.

    • Carson Daly: (When asked what he would be doing if he hadn't done TRL) Oh, I'd be bartending somewhere probably. Valet parking your car. I would have sold you this recorder at an electronic store.

    • Carson Daly: I loved MTV and I loved my time at TRL, but all of that, as big as Carson Daly and TRL was at that time, that really wasn't necessarily my niche, if you will. I would rather be slightly more stealth and a little more quiet. I mean, I've enjoyed the last couple of years. What I want to continue to do is stay one step ahead of the curve. The Internet has been very important to me. It's been a great tool to utilize social networking. I do a lot of business on the Internet aside from the late-night show, which has been fun and I'm learning a lot about where entertainment is heading.

    • Carson Daly: (Regarding the fact that he shoots two Last Call shows two nights a week) It's good and bad. I'd actually rather shoot a show a day, but it's a lot more economic to shoot two days a week. But we shoot Thursday and then, like, Britney will drive drunk with her child on Friday, and I don't get an opportunity to talk about it until the following week.

    • Carson Daly: I am looking to settle down and start a family. That is something that I have been looking for since I started this gig, someone to share it with.

    • Carson Daly: I gained so much exposure on MTV, and I loved it. Me, a guy from the airwaves, going on national television in the middle of all of the hottest stars...who could ask for anything more?

    • Carson Daly: You know what topic I'm sick of hearing about or being asked about? Weight loss. It's a big story. People care way too much about Lindsay Lohan and how she looks."