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Cartel is a rock band created in 2002 at Atlanta Georgia. There are five band members in Cartel. They are Will Pugh, Joseph Pepper, Nic Hudson, Jeff Lett, and Kevin Sanders. Their debut album is called Chroma that had a single for the song "Honestly". In 2006, Cartel's…more


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  • cartel is a alternative-rock band. theyre amazing. they have two albums out, and an ep :]

    cartels lead singer and guitarist is will pugh. joseph pepper is a guitarist. kevin sanders is drums. nic hudson plays guitar. jeff lett plays bass. theyre known as the band in the bubble. cartel was formed in 2003. in march 2006 they signed to epic records. before that they were with the militia group, when their first full length album came out in 2005, chroma. they had an ep called ransom, you can buy it on itunes :] in 2007 they came out with their self titled album, cartel. some of their singles youve probably heard are, honestly-from chroma. say anything (else)-from chroma. lose it-from cartel. no subject (come with me)-from cartel. and the fortunate-from cartel. they also did a cover of oasis' wonderwall. cartel is pretty much amazing. & you should go buy allll their albums. and go see them live. they sound exactly like they do on the cds. and will, joseph, kevin, nic, & jeff are reallyyy nice. youll probably get to meet them :]]

    go add their myspace.

    & add everyone in the band too :]]

    and if you dont like themm.. you dont deserve to listen to musicc. ever. :]moreless
  • A band from georgia that has a sultry singer, a total flippin great beat...and flirty little kids who tell the truth about how we really feel inside.

    A very awesome band, on eof my favorites. I would say if you like them you would like Boys Like Firls, Relient k, All American rejects, fall Out boy, Hellogoodbye, and musch ,uch more. This band is very unique and talented. Personally my favorite song is Say Anything else, which recently they put out a video for. HOnestly was their first song out, which I very much like, then my second fave song is Runaway.. Many icons and avatars are made after this band, abd currently my aim icon happens to be a Cartel one, of course!! Great band they rock, you need to ceck out the other bands too!!!moreless