Carter Jenkins

Carter Jenkins


9/4/1991, Tampa, FL

Birth Name

Carter Mark Jenkins


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Carter Jenkins began his acting career in his home town of Tampa, Florida, beginning with Community Theatre around the age of seven. After the performance of a community play, Carter was approached by a local agent. He started out doing commercials, but ended up wanting more. He was…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Carter plays a cool teen guy.

    Carter got himself a really good role in Surface. He didn't just get a good role, but he got a lead role. His character Miles is a major character in the show and a very pivotal role. Carter gets to play the cool geeky guy, but at the same time not a freaky guy. He did a really good job on pretending that he is interacting with a real creature "NIM" who is computer generated. Nim has some short comings for being computer generated, Carter provides what's missing, a realistic acting method. That makes us believe NIM is present at the same space Carter is looking at, he pulls this off really well.moreless
  • I luv Him, and I also wish that I could meet him. I want to know how you can act in front of people with out getting nervous.

    I think that he is a very strong actor, and should have his own show by now. I know how hard it is to act, mostly because I am afraid to make a mistake. That is why I know how hard it is to act. First you have to imagine that you are that caracter. Then you have to learn you lines, and add move ment and make it look real. When he acts it does look real, and I look for that in an actor. You have to have that or you will fall in the acting business. I rate him a 10.0 because of that. Also I wish to meet him too.moreless