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Casey Donovan

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    • In September 2008 Casey was assaulted by a male patron in a New South Wales. Casey & friends were on the dance floor when the altercation took place, leaving Casey with a broken finger and lacerations to her face, after he punched her twice. She was taken to the Prince of Wales Hospital for treatment.

    • Former iron man, Guy Leech, is assisting Casey with her weight loss. Guy has devised a six to nine-month program for her to lose the weight safely, and involves walks, replacing Coke with water, giving up smoking and cutting out takeaway food.

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    Casey Donovan is officially the worst Idol winner of finalist worldwide. Sure, she has a pretty good voice but you have to, to be on Idol. She released her winning song when she won a few years ago, I heard it once, didn't like it and never listened to it again and then she released an album which was really unpopular. The runner up Anthony is doing so much better even though I don't like his music. Since winning, she has put on so much more weight. This is all because she was 16 when winning and couldn't cope with it but she shouldn't have gone in if this was going to happen. I forgot to mention that Sony dropped the contract which is a first.moreless