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    • Casey Kasem played the voice of Robin/Dick Grayson in one series not listed in this database called "The Adventures of Batman" (1969) on CBS, there was 34 episodes, some of which have made it to VHS - not sure if they made it to DVD yet. But it was this role that led to the various "Superfriends" & "Scooby Doo Movies" as the voice of Robin, the Boy Wonder. When this series went to syndication it was retitles "Superman, Aquaman and Batman" the other regular voice performers were Olan Soule as Batman/Bruce Wayne & Alfred, and Jane Webb as Batgirl/Barbara Gordan, the animated series was produced by Hal Sutherland, and like the 1976 animated series they were from Filmation. It Premiered on CBS on September 13, 1969