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  • Blast From the Past

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 1 - 11/27/15

    Carrie's estranged husband, Eddie, joins forces with Major Crimes to track a meth crew that appears to be involved in more nefarious activities than dealing drugs.

  • Mako Tanida

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 16 - 3/17/14

    A former associate, Mako Tanida, of Raymond "Red" Reddington escapes from an escape proof prison looking for revenge on the FBI team that took him down causing Donald Ressler will never be the same. On the home front, the issues with Tom Keen and Jolene Parker (Lucy Brooks) comes to an unexpected head. At the same time Tom Keen takes out "The Cowboy," whom Raymond "Red" Reddington hired.

  • RAM

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 16 - 3/4/14

    In 2010, Finch and his current partner help a computer programmer on the run from CIA assassins named Reese and Kara, while a secret group tries to get the programmer's laptop for themselves.

  • While You Were Sleeping

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 2 - 10/4/12

    When a young man is killed as he enters his apartment, Sherlock is called upon to consult. Watson will have to deal with Sherlock's reaction when she gets together with her ex-boyfriend.

  • But You Don't Do That Anymore

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 10 - 9/12/12

    After letting tensions brew for too long, Patty (Glenn Close) and Ellen (Rose Byrne) finally go head to head in the courtroom. Ellen hopes to finally find justice after the psychological pain she has experienced at Patty's hands. Dark secrets and buried lies will come to light as the women engage in a climactic battle.moreless
  • I'm Afraid of What I'll Find

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 8 - 8/29/12

    Ellen (Rose Byrne) finally starts to make headway as she continues to investigate the true identity of her attacker, although she feels anxious about learning the truth. However, Ellen is ready to be free from her nightmares. Meanwhile, McClaren (Ryan Phillippe) receives some important information from Chris Sanchez (Chris Messina).moreless
  • Ransom

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 11 - 8/4/12

    Kenny and Ahmad are on scene when a bodega owner shoots the men accused of kidnapping his daughter. White House and Jackpot accompany an injured prisoner to the hospital. Muggings at a local prep school affect Lazarus.

  • Parting Shots

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 4 - 7/31/12

    A beautiful widow is about to get a giant life-insurance payout but the guys think something is up.

  • Playing God

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 9 - 7/21/12

    After a horrible car crash, Jackpot and White House rush to get a pregnant woman and her husband out of a burning car. Kenny and Ahmad get a coveted assignment with a veteran detective. Lazarus and Tonya are charged with guarding a PCP lab that was raided.

  • You Want to End This Once and For All?

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 1 - 7/11/12

    In the Season 5 premiere, a whistle-blower case pits Patty and Ellen against each other.

  • Collateral Damage

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 21 - 5/4/12

    The death of a free spending and extravagant investor looks suspicious to Danny and Jackie. Jamie is placed under house arrest when a hit is placed for "Jimmy Riordan".

  • Pilot

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 1 - 4/15/12

    Six diverse NYPD rookies patrol the streets of upper Manhattan under the tutelage of their Field Training Officer. Each of the rookies has a unique background and personality and reason for joining the force. It's up to the rookies to learn from their mistakes and figure out how to relate to their boss, each other and the people they swore to protect.

  • I Haven't Told You Everything

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 1 - 9/20/10

    When his girlfriend Leila goes missing during a Caribbean cruise, Sean Walker accidentally uncovers a national conspiracy. Meanwhile, President Elias Martinez decides to release a group of detainees, much to the chagrin of Blake Sterling, the Director of National Intelligence.moreless
  • For The Defense

    Full Episode

    S 20 : Ep 9 - 11/13/09

    A key witness in a murder trial is found dead outside her hotel room.
  • Because I Know Patty

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 13 - 10/23/07

    Ellen is cleared of murder charges while Frobisher agrees to settle with his former employees. A surprising flashback reveals why Patty went to the cemetery. Meanwhile, Hollis Nye plays a role in Ellen returning to work for Patty.

  • We Are Not Animals

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 7 - 9/11/07

    Patty attempts to create a rift between Tom and Ellen's relationship while trying to keep his star witness Gregory Malina safe until his deposition. Meanwhile, Patty presents a tough choice to her son Michael.moreless
  • She Spat at Me

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 6 - 9/4/07

    Patty tries to find out what Gregory knows about the case. Arthur Frobisher tries a new strategy to save his family and his money. David and Ellen have strains on their relationship as Lila tries to reenter David's life.moreless
  • A Regular Earl Anthony

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 5 - 8/21/07

    Tom Shayes considers his options as a new opportunity to further his career arises. Arthur tells Ray to put more pressure on Patty to make the case go away. David visits his sister and learns more about the Frobisher case.moreless
  • Tastes Like a Ho Ho

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 4 - 8/14/07

    Katie prepares for her upcoming deposition in the Frobisher case and relies heavily on Gregory's information for her testimony. Cracks in the relationship between David and Ellen begin to surface.
  • And My Paralyzing Fear of Death

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 3 - 8/7/07

    Patty receives an anonymous threat at her office while being pressured with the Frobisher case. Ellen continues to struggle with the demands of her job at Hewes and Associates as Tom deals with his new role. Patty's son Michael acts out and spreads a lie in school.moreless
  • Jesus, Mary and Joe Cocker

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 2 - 7/31/07

    Ellen convinces Katie to testify against Arthur Frobisher, which has him considering drastic measures. Patty begins to question if Katie is giving honest and accurate testimony.
  • Get Me a Lawyer

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 1 - 7/24/07

    Attorney Patty Hewes hires a new associate, Ellen Parsons, to help her as she tries to ruin Arthur Frobisher. Hewes represents a group of employees that are suing Frobisher after he sold his company, leaving the employees devastated. Ellen is unaware that her best friend, Katie Connor, is working for Frobisher.moreless
  • Loophole

    Full Episode

    S 8 : Ep 13 - 2/6/07

    Stabler ends up, out of commission after a perpetrator high on PCP throws him through a window at the station, so Benson teams up with Munch and Tutuola to investigate a mysterious packet of photos. The photographs lead them to both a suspected child pornographer and a junkie burglar, but after Benson takes ill during the investigation, the team realises that there is more than child pornography at stake as their investigation soon reveals that Seth Millstead wasn't into little boys at all, but had been using the tenants of the apartment building in an experiment for a new pesticide.moreless
  • Run Silent, Run Deep

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 20 - 4/19/06

    Mac receives a phone call confessing to an old murder before the caller commits suicide. The call leads the team to a football stadium to uncover a body and they learn the suicide victim belongs to the Tanglewood gang. They also find a cigarette that puts Danny's job on the line after his DNA is found on it.
    Stella and Danny investigate the death of a businessman who used the services of an expensive call girl.moreless
  • Great Balls of Ire

    Full Episode

    S 12 : Ep 3 - 10/12/04

    The detectives are on the scene of ex-con Lester Byrd's homicide when Sipowicz receives a call from his wife telling him that Theo didn't arrive at school this morning. Sipowicz leaves the scene and arrives at the school to find that Theo has shown up. He finds out from Theo that he was met by a man who said he was a friend of his dad, the man had a detective shield and exhibited knowledge of recent events in their lives. The man took Theo for a half hour ride. Back at the squad, Bale introduces his new movement log policy and he puts John Irvin in charge. The detectives run the case by Bale. Sipowicz arrives and Bale magnanimously lets him not charge his morning's activity to lost time. Sipowicz asks to be off the case for the day, citing that Jones can work the case with Clark. Sipowicz wants to catch up on his paperwork and Bale allows him to do this, but says that he is not setting a precedent. Theo's guardian Anna comes into the squad and he questions her about what happened this morning. He presses her had, testing her to she if she has any involvement. He winds up bring her to tears, but he now knows that she's not involved. Jones and Clark interview Drew DeRoche about his relationship with Lester Byrd. He tells them about a woman who was making Byrd's parole hard, Hilary Blair. She turns out to be one of Byrd's rape victims. In their case against Byrd, DNA test was made inadmissible when the tests went bad, which significantly reduced his sentence. Sipowicz, who didn't sign the log, finds Hatcher and asks him what he was doing at 8:00 AM. Hatcher denies having anything to do with Theo's morning ride. He tells Sipowicz he is "ready for the rubber room." Sipowicz returns with his old files. He enlists Medavoy's help in running some names from old cases that might have a vendetta against him. Clark and Jones interview Hilary Blair about her connection with Byrd. She shows no remorse for the death of their victim and she tells them the story of Byrd's raping of her. Murphy tracks down a web posting of someone who wanted to kill Lester Byrd. She's contacts the provider, but knows they aren't going to get the user's real name until they get a subpoena. Clark goes talk with Sipowicz, who tells him about Theo's brief kidnapping. Clark wants to help, but John Irvin interrupts, Det. Clark has some visitors. Two of his lady friends from the bar scene, Kelly and Angela, stop by; they want to get the tour of the squad that he promised them. Murphy and Ortiz talk with Eliza Todd about her rape by Lester Byrd and her feelings about their victim. Todd doesn't give them a substantial alibi for her whereabouts in the morning. Sipowicz finds Fraker, who is working in a bar these days, also doesn't know anything about Theo's morning ride. Fraker has an alibi but he reminds him that "what goes around, comes around. Think about it." Medavoy finds a name of someone in one of Sipowicz's old case files, someone who was paroled three years ago and as of two years ago was living in Sipowicz's neighborhood. Murphy finds out from the provider that Eliza Todd made the web posting. Clark and Jones bring her in and interview her about her writing. The postings make reference to a gun, and she tries to keep the detectives from finding the gun she owns. She admits to owning the unregistered gun and tells them where to find it. Bale wants them to prosecute her for the weapons charge, if they can't get her for the murder. Murphy tries to make her case for the woman, when Ortiz interrupts with a lead for them to follow. Murphy is annoyed by her interruption. They go to the bar where Lester Byrd was drinking last night. The bartender tells them that Byrd was there arguing with another man. Jones and Clark interview Steve Pines, who tells them about Drew DeRoche and the hold he has over his nephew Ben's safety in prison. While they wait for Drew DeRoche to return home, Clark and Jones decide to visit Ben Pines for more background on DeRoche. Clark and Jones talk with Ben Pines, who tells them about Drew DeRoche and his relationship with their victim, they were lovers in prison. They go back to confront Drew DeRoche about his relationship with Lester Byrd and eventually breaks down and confesses to the murder. Murphy tries to get Bale to let Eliza Todd off of the weapon's charge. She shows her annoyance with Ortiz for not backing her up. Clark tries to talk to Sipowicz about his problem; he wants to help. Sipowicz tells him that he can't trust him until he gets his head on straight. Bale comes out of his office, angry with Ortiz; because of something she wrote in her 5s on the weapons charge, the DA is not going to be able to pursue their prosecution. Ortiz tells him that she made a mistake. Bale tells her and the other detectives that they are only allowed one mistake, and she has used hers up. Still angry Bale reminds Sipowicz that he didn't see any of the paperwork that was being caught up on. Sipowicz tells him that some personal business came up and Bale replies by telling him today will be charged against lost time. Tomorrow Sipowicz will work cases and get that paperwork done. Murphy likes what Ortiz did for Eliza Todd; she asks Ortiz if they can start their working relationship over. At the Sipowicz home, Theo tells his dad about his nightmare and they talk about the morning's event. Andy tells Theo that the man who took him for a ride this morning was a friend who was playing a joke.moreless
  • Porn Free

    Full Episode

    S 11 : Ep 4 - 10/14/03

    The detectives are on the scene of a dump job, as always Medavoy wants to talk about the trial, whose outcome is as yet unknown, because it is only 8:00 AM. While Medavoy and Jones examine the body, Sipowicz and Clark talk to the swimmer (in a Speedo) who found the body. Sipowicz tries to get the swimmer covered up, but cries "Uncle" when the swimmer bends over. Back at the squad another dump job comes in, while the detectives run their case by Rodriguez. Though he tries to hide it, Rodriguez is distracted by fact that the jury is still out. McDowell and Ortiz get to the scene of the other dump job, meanwhile the male detectives go to the first victim's apartment and find themselves distracted by their victim's neighbor, who is wearing thong underwear during their interview. In the midst of all that distraction, she tells them they should look for the victim's son, Michael Woodruff, which Sipowicz send Medavoy and Jones off to do. McDowell and Ortiz interview their victim's husband, Dan Burleigh, as Jones and Medavoy find the son of the first victim. Back at the squad the phone rings and Rodriguez leaves for the courthouse, the verdict is in. Jones and Medavoy talk to Michael Woodruff about his mother. He tells them about Desmond Carter, a man that his mother was seeing. Sipowicz and Clark go to garage where Carter works and after they deal with watch dog, Carter mentions getting into a fight with their victim's ex-husband. McDowell and Ortiz go to a strip club to talk to a woman who their victim had recently called and they find out that their victim did porn films in the 1980s. Sipowicz and Clark bring Carter in and find out more about their victim's husband while Jones and Medavoy watch the interview. Jones and Medavoy go back to talk to Michael to find out about his father. He gives them a place where they might be able to find him. At the courthouse, the verdict is revealed. Fraker is "not guilty" on both counts. Sipowicz and Clark go and retrieve Craig Woodruff. McDowell gets confirmation that Dan Burleigh's alibi didn't check out and they tell him what they know about his dead wife's colorful career as "Stella Star". He changes his alibi. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Woodruff about his relationship with his ex-wife. They start to try to use his son against him, but it isn't working. McDowell finds out Burleigh's revised alibi does check out. Medavoy comes up with another suspect for them, a man who is anxiously trying to collect all the memorabilia for "Stella Star". Rodriguez returns to the squad as Jones and Sipowicz have a disagreement about the use of Michael Woodruff against his father. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Michael Woodruff and fail to get him to admit that his father murdered his mother. McDowell and Ortiz talk with the obsessive collector of "Stella Star" who they get to flip for the murder, followed by rape. In an effort to get him to confess, Sipowicz goes to Craig Woodruff and tells him what he knows and that he expects to break Woodruff's son into giving his father up. Craig tells him it is a family matter and his son isn't going to give him anything. Sipowicz tells him that he will put this case together, but for now, with nothing to charge Woodruff with, he is released. At the end of the tour, Rodriguez thanks his detectives for their support. Jones offers to help Michael Woodruff with his future, to help payback for a time when someone looked out for him when he was a young man in trouble. Ortiz finds Rodriguez down at the harbor.moreless
  • Shear Stupidity

    Full Episode

    S 11 : Ep 3 - 10/7/03

    Sinclair has brought to the stand Hector Acevedo, the man who Rodriguez roughed up when he found it was Acevedo who broke into his mother's apartment and robbed and beat her. Then he calls Det. Olivera to the stand, the one witness to Rodriguez's treatment of Acevedo. Haywood asks for a sidebar and gets sometime to prepare for this witness, whose testimony might be damaging, but Rodriguez isn't worried. The detectives are on the scene of the assault of Ron Szudarek. They interview the victim's next door neighbor, but the guilt on his face is only caused by the fact he is smoking behind his wife's back. Back at the squad there is discussion about Olivera and the trial as well as what information they've gathered on their case. Medavoy and Jones are reported to be on their way to interview Bob Drazin, an employee of the victim's barber shop. In the meantime, a woman comes into the squad to report that her husband is missing; Sipowicz and Clark agree to look into it for her, even though the guy hasn't been missing for a full 48 hours. Jones and Medavoy interview the employee who points to the landlady of their building and her two degenerate sons. Sinclair begins questioning Olivera about the details of the Acevedo's arrest and even when she is asked if she knows about it, she sticks to the "blue wall of silence." Sipowicz and Clark interview Corey Mack, a cousin of the missing man. He tells them about his cousin's girl on the side. He offers to make some phone calls to help his cousin turn up. Jones and Medavoy report back that they were unable to talk to the landlady, let alone her two "deadbeat" sons. The hospital reports that Szudarek has regained consciousness. Sipowicz cuts off Medavoy before he gives his daily report on what he's heard about the trial. Medavoy doesn't like the censorship he is being subjected to. A report comes in that Andrea Miner was assaulted in her apartment. Sipowicz and Clark go to the scene and Andrea tells them about the two men that assaulted her, but she also keeps pointing them back to her husband's cousin Corey. McDowell and Ortiz talk with Szudarek who tells them that his landlady's sons didn't do it; he was beaten and tortured by black men. Two men beat him, while the third man on the scene was "a pussy." He also tells them that his employee Bob Drazin owes him $10,000. Sinclair has Fraker on the stand and he paints an entirely different picture of the events that transpired in Rodriguez's apartment. Haywood does her cross examination of Fraker, and on Sinclair's redirect he makes it known that the only time he ever fired his weapon on the job, was in Rodriguez's office. Drazin is brought back in for questioning and Jones and Medavoy talk with him again. They know about his recent run of bad luck. He admits to hiring someone to rough up and rob his boss. The plan wasn't supposed to get as brutal as it did. The man he hired for the job was Troy Miner and thus the two cases converge. Sipowicz and Clark go back to talk to the Corey Mack, who gives them a location where Miner might be found. The detectives go to that location and find Miner and his two accomplices. The accomplices are holding Miner hostage and they all get into a car and speed away. Sipowicz and Clark go into pursuit mode and eventually the fugitive's car makes a wrong move and collides with a cab. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Miner who tells them about his current financial and family situation. He talks about a plan that was to involve his cousin, but he cut him out went onto hire the two accomplices himself. He also implicates his wife's involvement in the planning of the day's activities. Haywood does her closing argument and then Sinclair does his. Now it is in the hands of the jury. Back at the squad Clark offers to buy Rodriguez a beer to help him get his mind off the case. All the detectives join them, except Sipowicz whose appearance will be delayed when Andrea Miner returns to the squad. Sipowicz tells her what went down with her husband and that he doesn't plan on locking her up on account of the kids. Later down at the bar, Medavoy finishes telling one of his stories and Rodriguez decides it is time to leave. Everyone else begins to follow suit. Ortiz catches up with Rodriguez to get a ride home. They take a detour to the seaport, where Rodriguez begins to eulogize his career, but Ortiz is optimistic that the jury will come to the right decision.moreless
  • Your Bus, Ted

    Full Episode

    S 11 : Ep 2 - 9/30/03

    The detectives are on the scene of a transvestite's murder. They know the victim's friend "Monika" from a case from the previous year and when Sipowicz's charm doesn't work with that friend, McDowell and Ortiz step in and take over the interview and ultimately the case. Haywood has Martens on the stand, where he tells them about the unusual activity that IAB has had with 15th precinct. He also talks about Fraker's state of mind on the day of the Rodriguez shooting. Sipowicz and Clark go to the hospital where a surgeon was knifed. Dr. Devlin asks Clark for special attention on this case, as the surgeon was a great teacher for her. The doctor, has trouble remembering what his attacker looked like, he only remembers the knife. Back at the squad, Rodriguez tells them that the doctor once did some work for someone the mayor knows, so the case is high profile. Jones learns from hospital security that Nathan Dale might be someone worth talking to in the surgeon's stabbing as he had a confrontation with the doctor a few weeks back. Medavoy reports what he's heard about the trial and gives the current odds at 2:1 for the prosecution. McDowell and Ortiz talk with Josh McCain, a man who may be more than a friend of their transvestite victim. Sipowicz and Clark manage to find Nathan Dale and bring him in. Sipowicz and Clark interview Dale, who claims he was sleeping at the time the doctor was stabbed. The other detectives talk with Monika (who's sitting in Sipowicz's seat) about her dead friend's relationship with Josh and a one his co-workers named Rick. Seeing that Monika had been sitting in his seat, Sipowicz switches chairs with Medavoy. After he is brought in, Medavoy and Jones talk with Rick, who after a little persuasion starts to take apart Josh's alibi. Sipowicz and Clark talk again with Dale, who they present with his rap sheet, which proves he's used his knife before in muggings. Haywood has Fraker's ex-girlfriend on the stand and she talks about her history with him and her possible subsequent sexual harassment lawsuit against Fraker. McDowell and Ortiz go back at Josh, telling him his alibi has fallen apart. He confesses to this "crime of passion," the passion part of which he denies. He tells them about Melissa's stash of cash for her eventual sex-change operation. Sipowicz and Clark try to work with Dale to get together a package statement that will get him a deal for the recent muggings and the stabbing of the doctor. McDowell and Ortiz talk with Monika about Melissa's missing money. Monika tells them that he has sent the money to his son (who is destitute along with his mother) and that he doesn't intend of getting that money back. The doctor fails to ID Dale in a lineup, but the detectives tell him not to worry, since they have a guy who has already confessed to the crime. This statement seems to take the doctor by surprise. Rodriguez takes the stand and tells in a matter of fact way what happened. On his cross-examination, Sinclair tries to bring up facts from Rodriguez's past including complaints from civilians and incidents with his late ex-wife. Haywood's objections during the cross are the only thing that seems to help Rodriguez during this time, but Sinclair has definitely gotten him rattled. Rodriguez returns and nixes McDowell and Ortiz's thoughts that Monika should be let go. The doctor returns to the squad wanting to know what is going to happen to the man who has confessed to knifing him. They lay it for him and he tells them the story of his wife, who current medical condition has drained his financial resources. The doctor confesses that he has cut himself for the insurance money. They tell the doctor to go to the hospital, have his scheduled surgery and wait there. Sipowicz and Clark report to Rodriguez the latest development. Rodriguez wants them to just take care of this latest development and leave him out of it for the moment, as he has enough on his mind. Ortiz comes into Rodriguez's office and offers to give him someone to talk with. He agrees and also tells her that whatever she and McDowell decide to do with Monika is okay with him. While Sipowicz and Clark try to figure out how to adjust Dale's statement, John Irvin comes back into the squad reporting that a bus has hit the doctor. Sipowicz and Clark go down to the scene, where the doctor's final words to them are that his will is in the hands of his attorney. Rodriguez and Ortiz walk home together and discuss the case, but he tells her the only way he can get through this is to just keep going forward. She tells him that she is there if he needs her.moreless
  • Frickin' Fraker

    Full Episode

    S 11 : Ep 1 - 9/23/03

    Fraker is on trial for the attempted murder of Rodriguez. Haywood is for the prosecution and Sipowicz's old "friend" James Sinclair represents Fraker. For Sinclair's part, he lays out a defense that makes it look like Fraker and IAB were getting ready to take down the corrupt 15 Squad. The detectives hear about Fraker's defense plans, but at Sipowicz's direction start to concentrate on the case at hand. Freddie Langford is the brother of murder victim and he reveals himself to the detectives as a convicted sex offender. Rodriguez is back on the job and his detectives run their case for him. Ortiz leaves to testify at the Fraker trial. Langford comes in for questioning. He tells them about the father of one of his alleged victims who has been hassling him. He also tries to tell the detectives how he was setup and wrongfully convicted of his sex crime. Jones and Medavoy talk with one of Langford's brother's co-worker who had once gotten into the fight with the victim. The fact that the victim's brother was a convicted pedophile added to the reason for their fight, with that he asks for a lawyer. Ortiz testifies and on his cross-examination Sinclair implies that Rodriguez shot first. On redirect, Haywood makes it known the Rodriguez's gun was still holstered. Ortiz returns to the squad. After hearing where they are at with the day's case, Rodriguez talks with Ortiz about the trial and her old request for transfer. Having had some time to work through her issues with Clark, Ortiz cancels her request for transfer. McDowell and Ortiz talk with one of Langford's victim. He eventually gives them an alibi to check out, but in the process they get the impression that his encounter with Langford left a lasting impression. Dr. Devlin testifies about Fraker's condition when he was brought into the ER with his gunshot wound, but on cross, Sinclair only thinks to bring out her relationship with Clark (and subsequently the 15 Squad). Sipowicz and Clark interview the father of another of Langford's victims, but he gives them an alibi to check out. Sipowicz and Clark interview the son of the father that they had just interviewed. He tells them that Langford began contacting him a few months ago and his dad found out. The detectives also find out that Langford's brother had placed a call to his brother's PO thirty minutes before he was killed. They bring Langford back in and ask him to tell him other things that he might have neglected to tell them. They let him go for now, but Sipowicz has his doubts. They decide to check out the story that Langford goes to visit his grandmother once a week. With all that going on, McDowell and Sipowicz discuss their nuptials, which they will celebrate after the trial is completed and the microscope is off the Squad. Sipowicz and Clark go back at the father of Langford's victim, when part of his alibi doesn't check out and they find out that he recently had inquired about getting a gun. Medavoy and Jones meet with Langford's grandmother, whom they were told he visits once a week. Grandma lives across the street from park. In talking with one of the parents at the park the find out that Langford has been there posing as a groundskeeper named Malcolm. Back at the squad, Sipowicz and Clark give Langford a chance to be a man but it takes some persuasion Langford breaks down and confesses to the murder of his brother, who he thought was going to get him sent back to prison, based on his call to his PO. Sipowicz is on the stand and his testimony with Haywood goes real well, but when Sinclair starts his cross-examination he eventually starts to get to Sipowicz. Upon leaving the courthouse Sipowicz vents his feelings, but McDowell is there to support him, which brings a little smile to his face.moreless
  • 22 Skidoo

    Full Episode

    S 10 : Ep 22 - 5/20/03

    It's the morning after for John and Jennifer and they'll both be late for work if John doesn't put the honey bottle away. The detectives respond to the scene of a homicide in grocery, where no money was taken. Ortiz spots Clark getting out of Dr. Devlin's car and is short with him when he says hello. Back at the squad, canvas hasn't turned up anything, but crime scene did get a fingerprint from a similar crime that occurred the night before. That fingerprint belongs to Terry Parkhurst. Medavoy tells the others that he is anticipating receipt of the list that might announce his promotion to detective 2nd grade. McDowell makes plans for a small wedding ceremony that might be able to take place later that evening. Rodriguez calls Sipowicz into his office and tells him that the commissioner will not allow two detectives in the same squad to be married. Sipowicz asks Rodriguez if it will be a problem with him if they go ahead and get married anyway. He tells them it won't, as long as it stays in the squad. Sipowicz and Clark go to the apartment of Terry Parkhurst. They meet his wheel chair bound brother Mike, who tells them that his brother can't be the guy their looking for. They leave, but tell Mike that they want to talk to his brother anyway and if he hears from him, he should pass along the message. A gang member who shook down the grocer is another possible suspect in the grocer's death. Medavoy comes in announcing that he got his promotion. He reads for his colleagues a little speech that he prepared for the event, but breaks up before he can finish reading. Clark tries to have a discussion with Ortiz about the way she's been acting of late. They come to no resolution of their current situation, other that her observation that he "can sometimes be a real asshole." Clark and Sipowicz interview the gang member, who swears he changed from his past life. He is now a college student at SUNY. They don't believe him and get him to reveal his true gang member nature. Fraker, from IAB, comes into Rodriguez's office. He brings with him a laundry list of infractions that Rodriguez's squad is out of control. Rodriguez threatens to call the Chief of Detectives. When Fraker leaves, he tells Sipowicz that he is going to want to see 4 of Sipowicz's old cases. Terry Parkhurst looks good for the crime, when a vehicle seen at the crime scene, matches one owned by him. Sipowicz tells McDowell about what Rodriguez told him earlier and with Fraker nosing around, he wonders if they shouldn't call the wedding off. McDowell offers to transfer precincts, but he disagrees. They agree that they will still get married, but will keep it quiet. While sitting waiting for Parkhurst to arrive, Sipowicz tells Clark about his and McDowell's intentions on getting married at their apartment that evening. Parkhurst arrives, but he makes Anti-Crime, takes off, and gets away. At another crime scene, Rodriguez arrives looking for something to tell the brass, they are also present on the scene. McDowell finds out her Judge friend is not going to be able to preside over their ceremony tonight and tells Sipowicz. An eavesdropping John Irvin tells them that there is a website, where you can become an ordained minister in 15 minutes for $10. The couple asks him if he would follow through with that and preside over their ceremony. He agrees and runs off to use anti-crimes computer. The detectives run the state of the case past Rodriguez when Martens arrives. Rodriguez asks him what's up with Fraker. Martens doesn't know of any formal investigation into the squad, but he does tell them that Fraker was passed over for a promotion and his affair with a subordinate was found out. Jones and Medavoy talk with Parkhurst's brother who's arrived at home. They try to give Parkhurst reasons for helping them to find his brother. He agrees to help them by accompanying them to the various locations where his brother has been known to hang out. In the bathroom, Clark inquires about whether Sipowicz is nervous his pending wedding. Fraker comes into the bathroom (gets Clark to leave) and tells Sipowicz about how he's going to start to bring him down and that he also knows that Sipowicz is cohabitating with one of his fellow detectives. Clark tries to apologize to Ortiz. While he hears part of what McDowell has heard from Medavoy's discussion with Parkhurst, Sipowicz asks them to bring him into the squad. Sipowicz has realized that Parkhurst's brother might not be as wheelchair bound as he appears and that he is the Parkhurst they are really looking for. Parkhurst tells them that he has posed as his wheelchair bound brother to continue collecting his brother's checks, as payment for all the care he has given his brother for the past 10 years. John Irvin has become an official reverend and Sipowicz and McDowell get ready to go home for their wedding. They tell Rodriguez they would have liked to have invited him, but don't want to put him into a bad spot. Ortiz comes into Rodriguez's office requesting a transfer. He asks her to sleep on it. She talks with McDowell. She regrets that with her current relationship with Clark it is probably best that she not come to the wedding. She also tells her that she's realized that she was more in love with Clark than she knew at the time. McDowell leaves as Fraker comes into the squad and Rodriguez's office, demanding Sipowicz's appearance. Rodriguez realizes that Fraker has been drinking. Fraker's world has come apart. They square off and Fraker turns to leave and pulls a gun. He shoots Rodriguez in the chest. Fraker comes around the desk to finish the job, when Ortiz discharges her weapon and brings him down. At the hospital, everyone from the squad is present as the wedding has been put on hold. Rodriguez's condition is that he unconscious, but his vital signs are stable for now.moreless
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