Casey Thompson

Casey Thompson


1/21/1978, Cedar Hills, Texas USA

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Casey Thompson


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This self-taught chef came to cooking via a very different route. A business major who attended the University of North Texas, Casey at one point marketed jet fuel to NASA, while running a catering business in Houston. Her first position in a high-end restaurant was as prep at…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Casey is one of eight former Top Chef contestants who will be teaching a one-off cooking at the New York City's The Culinary Institute of America. She and her fellow chefs will each be preparing one of their signature dishes from the competition along with two complementary courses and a specialty cocktail. Casey's class is to take place on July 7, 2008.

    • At the start of season four of Top Chef, Casey became one of several TC alumni to do a blog at the Bravo website concerning the show.

    • Casey didn't really like any of the challenges on Top Chef that included catering an event, but her least favorite challenge was the "Latin Lunch" challenge. She says she believed she was going to go home from that challenge, and was also saddened that Lia, her best friend on the show, was selected instead.

    • Casey's favorite challenge on Top Chef was the trout challenge in Colorado judged by four star chef Eric Ripert, which she also won.

    • Casey is slightly acrophobic, but managed to go on the hot balloon ride that took the four semifinalists of Top Chef to their QuickFire Challenge.

    • When she won the QuickFire Challenge of the semi-final round of Top Chef, she was told that she would be the only chef given the opportunity to use the special ingredients that each chef brought to Aspen in the semis Elimination Challenge. But Casey declined to use them, saying that she wanted to save them for the finals, and almost didn't get to use them at all since she was up for elimination in the semis!

    • Casey is an only child.

    • Knowing that the finale of Top Chef season three was to take place in Aspen, Colorado, Casey called one of Aspen's local produce purveyors to ask what would be in season there, so she could begin to plan her menu for the final challenges.

    • Before embarking on her culinary career, Casey spent years marketing jet fuel to NASA.

    • Casey worked in the kitchen of the Japanese restaurant Nobu in order to learn the cuisine and the culture before becoming the executive chef of Shinsei.

    • As executive chef at Shinsei, Casey creates a fusion of Asian and Mexican cuisine for her patrons.

    • Casey considers tartare to be the most romantic dish because it is "raw, risky, ice cold and delicious".

    • When asked what she planned to do with her prize of $10,000 for being voted the most popular contestant on the third season of Top Chef, Casey said she'd like to travel to Thailand. She said if she could take any of her fellow competitors with her, she'd choose Lia, who she says has become a very close friend of hers.

    • When asked why she came in third at the final Challenge of Top Chef's season three, Casey said that her mind wasn't completely in the game. She spent the break between the semi-finals and the final rounds in Aspen back in Texas, and her focus returned to her own restaurant because of it. She also said that the format of the Challenge, which made the chefs present their menu for it after only 30 minutes of thought played to her personal weakness. She says she's the sort of person who needs time to think things through, and has difficulty just winging it. Head Judge Tom Colicchio agreed with her assessment, and said he had no doubt that with a little more time to plan Casey would have presented a much stronger menu to the Judges.

    • Casey won three Quickfire Challenges and three Elimination Challenges on the third season of Top Chef.

    • Going into the finals of Top Chef's third season, Casey was picked to win by most fans, according to several polls run by Bravo and other media. But unfortunately for her, the mountain air didn't agree with her, and she came in third of the ultimate Chalenge.

    • Casey won $10,000 and a set of Caphalon cookware (worth about $500) for being voted fan favorite on the third season of Top Chef. She also won several bonus prizes for winning individual challenges during the show's run, including a new laptop computer and a plane ticket to a destination of her choice.

  • Quotes

    • Casey: (on being a "Top Chef" contestant) Walking in there, it's like the first day of school. You're the new kid and you don't know anybody. In the beginning, I have to say, I didn't like Hung or Howie. I thought they were just big jerks. But then I got to know them and they're really nice guys.

    • Casey: (on whether she would do "Top Chef" again) At the beginning, if you asked me that, I would have said no. But now, yeah, I'd do it again. If they wanted me to do something in the future, I would totally do it.

    • Casey: (referring to her finals run on "Top Chef") People stop me in restaurants, airports and grocery stores here in my home town just to tell me how much they were rooting for me.

    • Casey: (on the fine dining industry) I'm not pulling the woman card, but I think it's time for women to be recognized. It has been a male dominated business, but there are some females putting themselves on the map.

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  • Very attractive, beautiful smile, under rated

    I just wanted to say what a big fan of Casey's I am. I didn't really watch any previous seasons of the show, just started watching this year because of her and that sexy smile. My advise to her would be to keep doing what she's doing and blow the judges minds with some really great dishes for the next show to prove to them you are the next top chef, and to forget about Hung because he's really nothing to worry about, you got this one in the bag. Besides that I think everybody else has forgot about him already. Hung who???????

    Casey's a very attractive woman and a great chef. Like the Texas Blue Bonnet I think she will blossom in her day of sunshine as the new top chef. Go get'em beautiful!!!!!

    Hi Casey, if you're ever in Pa look me up!