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Cassandra Magrath

Cassandra Magrath

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Cassie Magrath
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  • I Know \"Cassie\" from her previous work, up in coldstream, melbourne, australia, and shes a really nice person, and a brilliant actress.

    Cassandra Magrath Used to be my \'drama\' teacher (cant really say much else in case her details are still registered, i dont think she wants random people getting her details ;) )

    She used to teach me drama up in coldstream, Victoria, with a group of other people. We had heaps of fun with cassie, and were very sad when she had to leave to do a movie, but were also really happy for her. She gave us all her E-Mail address, but it stopped working, and i dont have any way of congratulating her, but, in real life, cassie is very friendly, and understanding, with a great sense of humor. She was a great Drama teacher, and also a good friend to all of us. I hope for the best for her future, she is a fantastic aussie talent, and should be in more movies.

    You Rock Cass!

    ---Lee Wilkinson---