Cassandra Peterson

Cassandra Peterson


9/17/1949, Manhattan, Kansas, USA

Birth Name

Cassandra Peterson



Also Known As

The Mistress of the Dark, Elvira, Cassie Peterson, Mistress of the Dark, Cassandra Petersen
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Cassandra Peterson is the American actress who is noted for her character as "Elvira, Mistress of the Dark," which she initially used to host the 1980s movie presentation show, Movie Macabre. With the show's success, Peterson was able to then spin off the character into other outlets such…more


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    • Cassandra (on losing her virginity to Tom Jones): Tom seemed gentlemanly and nice, so when he was jumping on me... I thought, 'Well, if I'm ever gonna do this, it might as well be with Tom Jones.' It was painful and horrible.

    • Interviewer: So how much longer will you be doing Elvira?
      Cassandra: I just wondered about that again yesterday. (Laughs) I had a certain birthday that was a cutoff, and then I went past that. And then another five years, I had that birthday be the cutoff — but here I am, still doing it. I just don't know. Really, I don't want to be like 85 years old doing this — just the cleavage alone will scare people.

    • Cassandra: I watch that (Extreme Makeover: Home Edition) and cry. I try not to turn on the TV so I don't accidentally find it. Mostly, I'm just sitting around watching really bad horror movies. All my time gets taken up watching this crap — I mean, these classic films.

    • Cassandra: I was your typical struggling actress. I went to every audition, took a million acting, dancing and singing lessons, and spent years wondering where my next meal was coming from.

  • Fantastic Buxom Beauty with puns

    Cassandra Peterson better known as Elvira is a fantastic goth image which oozes sexual innuendo and puns with her style. The film Elvira Mistress of Darkness was what first got my attention to her, and her critical reviews of late night B movies, were just what we all think really. Second film I saw was Rolling Hills (which you can't get here in UK anyone who can help please let me know) was just as funny, and considering her age, (58 years) she is a BEAUTY! She needs to be on TV more, and continue with the insults and puns she is a remarkable lady.moreless