Cassidey Rae

Cassidey Rae


12/24/1980, Denver, Colorado, USA

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Casside, Annie Bunz, Bobbie Adore, Cassidey, Annie Bunze, Paisley Adams, Bobert Knox, Cassidy, Annie, Paizley Adams, Annie Buns, Bobbie, Bobbi, Bobbi Adore, Annie Bunns
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Cassidey Rae is and adult pornographic film actress that was born on December 24th 1980 in Denver, Colorado. After a one year hiatus from the porn industry she did nothing, before becoming a counselor that worked with kids. After that she worked with Brad Greenspan, the founder of…more


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    • Cassidey Rae: (on the video Sad Eyes) It was totally stuck in my head for the whole time I was working on the video. And now I even walk around the house naked singing the song.

    • Cassidey Rae: (on the video Sad Eye's) It's a total makeout scene,we look like we're really gettin' it on.

    • Cassidey Rae: (When asked if she regrets anything) Not at all. I had a great experience, and I wouldn't trade it for a thing.

    • Cassidey Rae: (on her future) Well, now that I've retired from the industry, I'm definitely ready to move on and try new things. Ten years from now I can see myself owning a little boutique or some other small business.

    • Cassidey Rae: (Advice for someone looking to get in the industry) Don't lose sight of your true self. Keep your movie persona and your real persona separate.

    • Cassidey Rae: (About the worst thing she experienced in the industry) I promised myself I'd get out of the business if it ever stopped being fun, and I did. I think the worst thing about it was when the newness wore off and I realized it just wasn't for me anymore. That was bad only because I know a part of me will always miss it.

    • Cassidey Rae: (About support from her friends and family) They're very supportive of me, but I'm in a relationship now, and for that to work we agreed that I need to find a different profession.