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  • For Cassidy Freeman, the most beautiful woman of Smallville. Tess Mercer recently that I know you and I since saw you have illuminated everything my being, you have become my adoration of every days and I want to be that hero that protects you for always

    Hi, much pleasure in greeting them... I adore to this beautiful girl Cassidy Freeman, I since saw first in the series of Smallville for time, I felt a great fixation for her. Their character I was attracted by many, Tess Mercer is something as well as the sign zodiacal of pound, yes, that of the scale, she is a woman that resides between the good and the bad, she have not had an easy life and that it it has made stronger and willing to see their in route to the border of both ends of the scale, if we see it like the YIN-YAN, she is in the side of the good but their minimum negative part could dominate it if leaves influence for the wrong transform in a cold and vengeful character. Tess is an admirable woman, with much attitude and decision has learned how to survive in a world full of fights, intrigues and secrets happened by strange phenomenons. I would love know it and be that blue prince that so much has been looking for in their life... I thank them any information or comment that they could give me on her, sincerely, Hugo Díaz, Cabimas/Zulia Venezuela,