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    • Cassidy: (on where she learned to act) The easy answer would be: life. We never stop learning how to act, which is why if we stick with it, we become like a fine wine with age. Life experience is the best thing you can do for an acting career.

    • Cassidy: (on studying at the PlayhouseWest) This school took all the training I have had throughout my years, and made it real, honest and relevant. I can't tell you what a gift it is to find not only teachers but a group of people with whom you feel comfortable enough to truly explore your craft. I hope I find many people like this along the way.

    • Cassidy: My family continues to play an enormous role in my life. My parents are the greatest supporters and teachers I've known, and my two older brothers, who are also actors, have inspired me since I was born. Although there are many actors, artists and close friends I admire, I try to be influenced by all types of stimulus. I believe there's something to be learned from everyone. There's a quote out there in quote-land that says something to the effect of, "The smartest man is the one who knows he'll never know everything." However, actors that have inspired me include Laura Linney, Emma Thompson and Juliette Binoche. There's something so wonderfully effortless seeming to their talent. And I recently listened to an NPR interview with Terrence Howard. He blew me away.

    • Cassidy: (on acting) What I like best is digging in deep. I have a love and appreciation for human emotion and relationships. How they work. How they don't. Why we do what we do and how, through storytelling, we can open someone's eyes to create compassion or understanding. There is something so satisfying about getting to explore different parts of yourself to make a new character come alive. When I get a script and work on it, I'm allowed to find and explore all the reasons why a character may do something one way or another, it's a bit like I get to live many lives."

    • Cassidy: I have done a fair bit of fight choreography, both in theater and in film. And I am athletic, so I find it really fun. I dive into it. For me, it's like a free workout, right?... I love it. I always get really excited and feel like a kid in a candy shop when I get to have a fight scene.

    • Cassidy: (on joining "Smallville" in its 8th season) To be able to be part of a show that already has such a solid fanbase, for an actor, is an incredible opportunity, because you it's like a guaranteed experience. So many pilots these days get shot and they don't get picked up and it's such a struggle, and so to be offered something like this is just exhilarating.

    • Cassidy: In times of great change, I try not to have too many expectations, because things rarely work out the way you think they will.

    • Cassidy: I've lived in a lot of places and called them all home, but feel that home is where we're happy.

    • Cassidy: (the best advice anybody ever gave her) Wherever you are right now, is exactly where you're supposed to be.

    • Cassidy: I don't stay up late at night Googling myself too often. I will say that I do like to hear [fans' reactions] because I don't take things very personally and I know that a lot of the time I am just more impressed and excited that people care so much, even if it's negative.

    • Cassidy: (on playing Isabella in "Measure for Measure") My main goal was to just try and make her refusal of that offer as believable… as possible. She feels lucky because Isabella has, "just gorgeous speeches…and whether you're religious or not, you feel the passion she feels.

    • Cassidy: I am always looking for a challenge, an opportunity, and a chance to work hard, be true, and make honest art.