7/7/1982, Philedelphia, Pennslyvania, USA

Birth Name

Barry Adrian Reese



Also Known As

The Hustler
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Cassidy is an American rapper. He is a very good rapper. He has been rapping since 2000. He can also freestyle rap as well. Cassidy has had a lot of success with his rapping career.


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    • Cassidy: (About his album "B.A.R.S.") This album is a lot deeper than any of the other albums I've put together. I've got a lot to talk about and a lot of heartfelt music. Not just about my accident or my jail situation but about my family, my friends, and the Lord. I think it's my best project yet.

    • Cassidy: I've been rhyming all my life. Rhyming for me was just like how some people play basketball for the fun of it. It's an everyday activity.

    • Cassidy: Going to prison and the accident made me grow in such a short period of time.

    • Cassidy: I don't want people to think I can't bring the same things to the table. My next album is going to be my best project.

    • Cassidy: I don't choose my battles, they come to me and I bite their hands off.

    • Cassidy: I know I'm cocky and people view that as a problem.

    • Cassidy: (About his song "I'm A Hustla") Of course the song is about me. But there are a lot of hustlers in the world. Whether you have a nine to five, work in the strip club or sell bottled water on the side of the road, we're all hustlers. I'm not talking about drug dealers or being a thief. I'm talking to the people who are forced to use their brains to make it in this world.

    • Cassidy: I'm a hustla, ask about me.

    • Cassidy: Or get pistol whipped, have ya shit stingin
      I don't fight, you get hit with the knife while your fist swingin
      All of the chicks singin' come to my hotel
      Cuz I make 'em cum when they come to the hotel
      I get neck then my buddy is next
      I guess since i'm so live chicks love me to death
      I got powder, power, money, respect
      U in debt i get 20 a check
      That's why I just laughin', I blow dough forget stashin'
      Cuz as long as I know what I know i'mma get cash an
      I got pills for sale and they not asprin
      That's why I put the stash inda dash of the drop aston
      I got cash and any dude try to come at me
      Could get blasted fast fa' little currency

    • Cassidy: It is what it is.