8/26/1986, New London, Connecticut, United States

Birth Name

Cassandra Ventura



Also Known As

Cassie Ventura
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Cassie, born Casandra Ventura on August 26, 1986, is an American R&B/pop singer and fashion model, best known for her hit #1 single "Me & U."


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    • Cassie: I'm actually pretty shy; I'm a good girl. But... in high school I used to occasionally skip class and go shopping. But never too often, I guess that's not so bad.

    • Cassie: I actually did my first show was out in San Jose. The second day I did Portland and it was a big radio show that had Rihanna on it, Bow Wow, Dem Franchize Boyz, Bubba Sparxx, E-40 it was just like a big group. They are really popular in the music industry and I was a little intimidated because I was the new one.

    • Cassie: I've loved Mariah Carey since I was young. I loved Aaliyah. But I'm a diehard Janet Jackson fan. A lot of people compare my video for "Me & U" to hers for "Pleasure Principle." That wasn't my intention.

    • Cassie: My family has always been supportive. My mom's in my corner. When I used to go on modeling auditions, and I had to travel back and forth to New York City a lot and if I looked stressed, she'd ask me if this is what I wanted to do. My dad is there for me too. He would take me into the city when I was 14 to meet with modeling agencies. I also have an older brother, Rod. He's my best friend.

    • Cassie: When I do blog, it's often, and then I won't for a while because I get busy. I'll blog on my personal page and my MySpace page. I think the way I write –I don't know if people just don't know sometimes that it's just a bulletin, like it goes out to all of my friends or just to them- but when I explain something, I really have to explain it. Some people just don't get it and they get offended like, 'Why are you saying this to me?' I'm just like, 'Look don't advertise on my page if that's all you're doing there.'

    • Cassie: Well when I was younger, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Rod [her brother] and I realized that we really needed each other. We got really close and that bond changed the way we looked at each other.

    • Cassie: I recorded my first song "Kiss Me" with Ryan back in February of 2005 for my Mom's birthday. I went to meet up with Ryan at his label at the time, Casablanca, and while I was sitting in the waiting area I could hear "Kiss Me"in the next office. He was playing it for the President of the label, Tommy Mottola. Man, I was so embarrassed! Anyway I went in the office and I got a demo deal to sign with Casablanca. Pretty crazy. Time went by and after finishing my demos, Tommy decided that he wanted to manage me instead, so we went through that process. Suddenly I found myself with two great deals on the table and we went with Bad Boy.

    • Cassie: Personally, I believe that my job is just as important as any other woman's job. I feel like entertainers can set an example. I want to be the person that kids listen to when they won't listen to their parents. Not in a negative way, but in a progressive way. I obviously know what it's like to be a teenager because I am one; I've just grown up really fast for someone my age. I feel that if you're given the opportunity to be an 'idol' as they say, you better do it right. Being able to look up to someone when you're younger is a must, not to be them but to learn from the good and the bad in them. I hope that young girls learn from my mistakes.

    • Cassie: Until middle school I had perfectly straight black hair and dark skin, most people thought I was Latina or Hawaiian and just didn't believe that I was Black at all. By middle school going through puberty, my hair changed-it got curly, frizzy and with my little Asian face, I was sad to say, pretty awkward looking.

    • Cassie: I rap, I sing, I do my R&B, I do my slow songs and stuff that the girls will love, I have a down South joint, I have a rock song that I did with my girls this band called Pretty Boys.

    • Cassie: I perceive myself like J.Lo because she's a fashion forward, classy, and could bring it to the 'hood or Fifth Avenue. At the end of the day you need to make it larger than life.

  • Cassie You have got what it takes to make it. Indeed a breath of fresh air. I am so tired of seeing the same performances over and over. Yours is unique. Enjoyed you on Tyra Banks Show. You are very talented. Keep going and Happy New Year to yomoreless

    A wonderful performer. She is an original. She stands out from the rest because she sings, she dances and she know how to bring it together. Stage fright is common. She, like any other performer will get over it. There are a lot of people out there that will hate her because she is of mixed parentage, however, one must recognize that that is secondary. Talent matters in this business and Cassie is talented. She is unique and she knows how to carry herself. I hope she keeps going because soon she will be a very big star!!!moreless
  • Cassie is ok! She is not my favourite. But, I like her! She is so beautifull, and hot!!!

    Cassie is so beautifull and hot! I love her first single 'Me & U', and I liked her second single 'Long way 2 go'. I can't say that she can't sing, she can!!! When I first saw her i thought, that's her only single, she's not gonna have album.... And does she (have album)?! I really don't know.... But she is charming!!!