Cassie Scerbo

Cassie Scerbo


3/30/1990, Long Island, NY

Birth Name

Cassandra Scerbo


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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Cassie is addicted to the Twilight series and is on Team Edward.

    • If Cassie could be granted three wishes, they would be for her and her family to live extremely long, happy lives, for doctors to find cures for deadly diseases, and for everyone in the world to be encouraged by her quote "Nothing's impossible."

    • If Cassie could interview any celebrity, she would choose Madonna because she feels that Madonna is not only a superstar, but a believer and a legend.

    • Cassie's favorite foods are meatballs and macaroni, her favorite ice cream is cake batter or sweet cream from Coldstones with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles, and her favorite children's books are of the Barbie's series.

    • Cassie's good luck charm is a picture of her guardian angel, her grandma Milly. She carries the picture with her everywhere.

    • Cassie had a dog named Chanel and a cat named Carmel, both of which passed away. According to Cassie, they are like members of the family.

    • For fun, Cassie enjoys spending time with her family, going to the beach, shopping, getting mani/pedis, surfing, having sleepovers, doing make-overs, being with her best friends, laughing, and just being silly and unique.

    • Cassie is a member of the all-girl singing group The Slumber Party Girls.

    • According to Cassie, the best thing about her job is sharing her indescribable passion for entertainment with the world, and embarrassing all the gifts God has blessed her with.

    • Cassie's natural hair color is blonde and eye color is blue.

    • Cassie's height is 5'3" (160 cm).

  • Quotes

    • Cassie: (On how she got started in acting) I really couldn't tell you when that interest sparked for me because it's just been something that I've wanted to do forever. Like I literally came out of my mother's stomach singing before I can talk, and dancing before I can walk, and just, ever since I was little, I've always wanted to be a performer. I started in charm schools, I mean, at the age of four or five, dancing, singing, and acting. And I just, I like telling the story, no matter what it is. Singing, acting, or dancing, I've just, I've kind of always been a performer.

    • Cassie: Nothing's impossible!

    • Cassie: (On what she would change about herself) I wouldn't change a thing. I'm so blessed and I thank God for everything single aspect of who I am. I wouldn't be myself if I changed something. I believe everything happens for a reason. You have every feature you were born with for a reason, it's who you are!

    • Cassie: (On why Jessica Simpson is her role model) I love how she is pure and wholesome, she's one of the most beautiful people in the world without the make-up and proactive, clothing etc. She also respects herself as I do. Jessica has morals she abides by and is spiritual. I love her over-all presence, she just sparkles!

    • Cassie: (On why she would chose the 80's is she could live in any past era): They had the hottest fashion with the most vibrant colors and exaggerative make-up and accessories, being a girly-girl, accessories go a LONG way. The music was also upbeat and fun. The 80s just describes my personality: loud, vibrant, fun and full of different colors and dimensions.

    • Cassie: (on her most embarrassing audition moment): I was on an audition for a project that required singing. I began to open my mouth to sing a song for the casting and instead of the note, I busted out a loud burp! I turned red as a tomato, but laughed it off and the casting directors wound up loving me even more, because I was just very real and didn't let it bring me down. So never get yourself down if you get embarrassed, the person might find it funny and like you even more! Always laugh it off and give them a little "oops!"