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  • Beautiful

    Cassie Steele is definitely a beautiful, talented, young lady. I've watched her grow on Degrassi and it's amazing how much she's changed and set an identity for herself. She plays one of my favorite characters on Degrassi and she does a great job in it as well. It's even more cooler that she's doing other things like music. I think she's a great singer as she is an actress. I'd like to see more of her in other productions. I think it would be nice to see her in a film possibly. Overall she's enjoyable to watch and she's definitely a true beauty.
  • This rising star made her debut as Manny in the hit TV show “Degrassi: The Next Generation”. She has continued acting and has since gained acclaim as her role of Manny. She has since made her singing debut.

    I absolutely looooove Cassie because she is a great actress. I looooove her role as Manny. Her character is my favorite on the show. She is one of my top five actresses on DTNG. She is also considered a triple threat she can sing, act, and dance. I like how her top priority is her family. She trained fourteen hours a week for gymnastics which makes hr determine to do anything she sets her mind to. She is talented and has many skills besides her acting. She is a very beautiful actress. She has been nominated and won many awards. She has had other roles as an actress besides DTNG; she starred in the DCOM movie “Full Court Miracle”. We share some of the same favorite episodes of DTNG. She started acting in commercials. She originally auditioned for the role of Liberty on DTNG. I’m glad they gave her the role of Manny because I can NOT see her as Liberty. She makes a better Manny. I look forward to her continuing on DTNG. I would like to see more of her.
  • Hot for her age. She needs to cross over to the US.

    When I first started watching the show Cassie caught my attention. I thought "This girl is so pretty." When I found out her age I felt like so bad. Anyway I love the show. The acting is good. The stories are good. I look forward to her and other actors of the show to cross over to the US. All the actors are great, but Cassie is the best.
  • Cassie Steele Rox!

    Cassie Steele is really cool. She's an amazing actress and an amazing singer too. Her little sister is also an amazing actress and I bet that Cassie helped her with that. I so can't wait to see what happens with Cassie's character, from Degrassi: The Next Generation, Manny. I'm so excited!
  • Cassie Steele is one of the most talented actresses staring in Degrassi: The Next Generation

    I think Cassie is a very talented girl. And um I aslo think that she is very much gorgeous and her singing a very beautiful. She is one of the most talented actresses i have ever seen and I very much think that she shouldnt just be in Canada but also in LA, because if she was in LA i know for sure that she would be one of the most well earned talent in Hollywood. But for know she is the \"Lindsey Lohan of Canada\". A natural tripple-threat. Talented Actress. Beautiful Singer. Outragous Gymnist / Dancer.I love her and hope to be as talented as her in two or three years when I\'m about her age.
  • Cassie Steele will be Famous!

    Cassie Steele is an all around talent. She can sing, dance, act and much more.
    Her CD is just fantastic! When I bought it I listened to it a thousand times, and I am still doing the same.
    Her song lyrics were first a bit of a shocker, yet I found it to be quite interesting. She is very pretty, she is naturally beautiful. If you have seen recent pictures of her with no make-up you know what i am talking about.
    I would love to see her in more films and roles, other then Degrassi: The Next Generation. She will be famous!
  • i'm not bi or lesbian but i LOVE cassie!

    cassie is really talented. she can sing and act. she's a great performer and she's really pretty. i think she shines in her roles because of sincerety (sp?) with her character. its like she really gets in tune with her character and catches the eye of her audience. she just seems like she can do it all!
  • Girl is doing her thing....

    Cassie Steele is doing her thing right now, her album is out and I got to say it on fire, she writes her own music, now she is about to do a tour in Canada, she is making moves. I also think that she is a great actress and out shines most of her cast mates, she is only 15 years old and she is making a name for herself out here. She great and I think that she will have it all music and acting. She is the next best thing.
  • Cassie Steele is a great actress.

    Cassie Steele is a great actress. She is really pretty. She has great style. She plays Manny so great. No one else could ever play Manny as good as she can. Her character has alot of emotional scenes. That Cassie plays so wonderfully.She is very sweet and has an amazing voice. She is young and I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't become popular in Hollywood.
  • Cassie Steele is an amazing actress and I am sure she will be in many more movies and TV shows.

    She is one of the much better actors on the show Degrassi, and really stands out in whatever show she is in. She will definitley win many awards and star in many movies, and I can't wait to see her in them. She really does need to come to America, she would get a lot more work.
  • Cassie Steele is a great actress if you have never seen her act then you have never really seen a great actress. She can make you laugh in one scene and then in the next you will be crying. Shes a great actress and I give her her props.

    She is the best actress ever!!!!!!!!!I think Cassie Steele is an amazing actress. She just has the kind of personality that you would like to watch. Shes gorgeous and I think she could do anything. I know shes my idol and probably a lot of other peoples too. If i had to pick someone to be like n Degrassi she would most definetly be my first choice. I absoulutely love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One thing for sure she should keep on pursuing her acting career. She is amazing with what she can do with one character.

    Keep on doing what you do
  • Cassie is definitely classy and remarkably sassy.

    There is no reasonable doubt that Cassie Steele won't expand and grow as a talented actress. She's been excellent on Degrassi with her evolving goals from preppy recognition to innocent sexual intentions. With her dazzling beauty and powerful words, emotions of this talented teenager on the set are almost impossible to resist.
  • Has more class and Talent than any of her co-stars.

    Cassie Steele is the youngest on the show, but still the best actress. She is a personal favorite of mine and many others. I almost think she should get her own show. I do think she should do movies. Her producers ask her to do a character, and she does it. She is clearly commited to her job and loves everything she does. Cassie also is a very talented singer. Cassie makes you love to hate her character Manny. You just can't fight yourself to change the channel. This talented young star Boosts the ratings of the show. She is a blessing to Degrassi.
  • She rules!!

    How do i even begin. Cassie is amazing. I mean AMAZING. She is a beutiful girl and looks older then her actual age. Not to mention her incredible talent. She is an amazing actress. She should definetly be one of the top actors for her age. I can see it now her doing drama shows. Before you know it she could be on top drama shows like 7th heaven or a soap opera.
  • cassie could act and sing and dances super talented

    i love cassie steele i think shes sooo pretty and she will make it far. She great actress like any scene that is thrown at her she could do it it like wow. When she first started at degrassi she was only eleven she a dam good job acting and she was soo young. She should be doing big movies and more shows cause she could it. She has the looks and the body and the acting talent. Has anyone heard her sing she sound amazing i love that song "rock star blue" girl sing i really hope to see more of her
  • Cassie is really good actress and singer. Cassie have a really good voice. She done really good job in Degrassi. She do her own show. She is one of the best actress in degrassi. I think she should start a movie or own show. She should get bigger role.

    Cassie is really good actress and singer. Cassie have a really good voice. She done really good job in Degrassi. She do her own show. She is my role model. She is one of the best actress in degrassi. I think she should start a movie or own show. Cassie should have bigger role in a tv show or movie. I think she do more tv show and the movie. Cassie sing really good I listen to this song called Pavement is really good song to listen to. I really think Cassie should do more music business and tv show and movie.
  • Cassie Steele is talented and hot.

    Cassie Steele is one of my favorite actors of Degrassi next to Sarh, Ryan, Jake G, and Mariam. She is great at acting. I think she should be on tv more. She has talent and that talent needs some more support from other studios. Cassie has done an amazing job on Degrassi and it looks like she enjoys what she does very much. She seems like a very down to earth person and very fun to hang out with. i would love to meet her. Even in season 1 in the series premiere, she did a great acting job, which took off
  • This rising star first made her acting debut on "Degrassi: The Next Geneartion" as Manny Santos. She has since rocketed her singing career.

    I absolutely loove this actress and I just loove the fact that she has many things going for her than just acting. I'm not a big fan of rock but she has a very promising career in singing. But anyway she has always been my favorite character in the series "Degarssi: The Next Generation". I just loove how she portrays her character. She has skill, passion, talent, and courage. I mean she is the ultimate actress. Some can only act, but she can sing, act, and is a gymnast. The chemistry she has with her co-stars is incomparable. She acts with such conviction and passion that there is no other like her. She inspires me to achieve my goals and dreams. She is a role model to me and many others. She is truly one of a kind.
  • She's great !!!

    Cassie Steele is hot, beautiful, a good actress, a great singer ! I hope she makes it big ! She's the best & has the most talent than any of her co-stars, IMO. I know she'll make it big. I love how she plays Manny on Degrassi. Manny is my favorite character on Degrassi. She's so different from her character but she portays Manny so well. Her acting & music is so beyond her years. She's on the same level (if not higher) than her 18,19,20+ year old co-stars. Acting, singing, performing...she'll do great in whatever she does. Great work.

    I think that Cassie Steele is the most gorgeous girl i have ever seen in my entire life, and thats alot considering i have meet people like carmen electra and sevral stunning women. She is highly talented and deserves all she has gotten in life, i hope to see her become even more famous.
  • I think Cassie is so hot and gorgeous, and is the reason why I first started watching degrassi. She is a talented actress and is very beautiful, and Im interested in hearing her sing because i didnt know that she sings, and hope to meet her someday.

    I think Cassie is so hot and gorgeous, and is the reason why I first started watching degrassi, I watch it now because I think the show is cool, but she is a talented actress and is very beautiful, and im interested in seeing and hearing her sing because I didnt know that she sings, and I hope to meet her someday because I hope to be a actor someday also.
  • cassie sassy

    cassie steels is on hot girl she playas a hot role to. i wonder where she has been. i want to see more of her. i never heard her sing but i'm sure she is good she should get her own tv show. cassie also should start doing movies she is geting to good for degrssie.
  • Cassie is a great, really attractive, actress from Degrassi - my biggest celebrity crush.

    Cassie Steele is most well known for playing Manny Santos for much of her life in the popular teenage drama series, "Degrassi: The Next Generation". She's probably my favorite actress in the series, especially since she's one of the originals. Not only is her acting phenominal, but she is seriously one of the hottest girls I have ever known. She is one of my biggest celebrity crushes. The only thing is that she smokes. I'm not trying to be judgemental or anything, but I still don't approve of smokers - for any reason, because the smoke literally gets me sick. But other than that, Cassie Steele is great: Her acting is great, her looks are the best I've seen, and even her voice is pretty good. I have to admit that her songs are pretty fantastic, as well.
  • She's definitely grown up, a lot.

    I first saw Cassie on Degrassi, and instantly fell in love with her. Her acting skills are amazing, and I feel like she's definitely come a long way. When she was featured on Degrassi Unscripted, you could see that she is just a regular girl who happens to be part of a very popular show.
    Indeed, she'll always be known as the Degrassi star, but I hope that when her Degrassi days are over, she'll be able to act in various other shows, and movies too. Aside from acting, she's also a very good song-writer and singer. A lot of people have commented in the past about her vocals being a bit off, most of the time but I find Cassie's voice to be rather soothing. Her lyrics are metaphorical but the honesty in her music tells that she's definitely wise beyond her years.
    I really hope that in the future she receives bigger and better roles.
  • A great actress!

    In my personal opinion Cassie is one of the most talented actresses on all of Degrassi. She is drop dead gorgeous, talented in many different performing areas, and did i mention gorgeous. I would definitly like to see her in many other role than just Manny on Degrassi. I have Degrassi: The Next Generation scheduled to tape just for her (and cause I like the show but mainly for her)! It would be great to see her in a movie. I suggest to everyone that reads this review to watch Degrassi so u can see what I see and will understand why I love watching her act!
  • sweet

    cassie steel is so kool on degrassi i bet she will hit it big time in the entertament busness good jod on all ur acomplishments good luck on all ur goals Cassie Keep God #1 and keep up the good work cuz degrassi is a big hit at least in my house it is
  • Emmas best friend, real name Manuella but called Manny. Goes from the cute girl next door to the sexy easy girl

    Cassie Steele was a very cute little girl in the 1st and 2nd seasons of Degrassi. Very innocent and child like perfect for her part. Once the 3rd season came around she just wanted to be liked and get some attention from the boys. And oh yeah she did started wearing belly shirts and other provocative things. Even to go so far as wearing a thong and having it stick way out of her pants way more than I ever seen in High School. Then after getting in trouble she just decides to not wear any at all. But this transformation did put a strain on her and Emma's relationship.
  • A great example of a transformation.

    Cassie steele, who plays Manny is a great actor and singer. Her character starts out as Emma's bestfriend and sidekick in the first couple of seasons, but later transforms into a sexy, and slutty, girl. Her careless actions cause her to get pregnant, and then to have an abortion. She seems to elarn from her msitakes but she can still make sher mistakes generally based on guys. She often tends to be obsessed with Craig, and got drunk and flashed a video camera which was leaked to the whole school. Basically Manny's been through hell and back and she's learned so much from her experiences that it's mad eher such a strong person and a great character.
  • Why isn't she in Hollywood?!

    I've only seen Cassie Steele perform in Degrassi: The Next Generation, but what she has achieved in that program alone warrants her a ticket to Hollywood. Not only does she have the looks; she has the acting ability to compliment it, showing that she's able to handle any role she is given. In the first couple seasons in Degrassi, Cassie Steele, who plays as Manny, was nothing but a normal student. Later on, in order to impress the one she likes, she starts getting flashy, and draws everyone's jaws in school. Cassie Steele did a superb job of transitioning her character from a normal girl to a slutty one. Not only is she a very solid actress, but she's also a very talented singer who has a ton of potential later down the road as a professional. My only complaint about her is that she does a mediocre job of handling some of the emotional scenes she is given. There were many emotion scenes in Degrassi involving Manny that I thought were just okay. However, there were some situations in where Manny did shine and did a brilliant job.
  • I think that cassie is a great person one of the best and most talented singers and actress. I

    I love degrassi because it is the best show on the n and cassie is the best actress to play manny because she does it so well cassie rules and manny is the best character on degrassi Also cassie is a great singer and i cant wait to get her cd how much for happy!!!!!!!!!!!