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  • Why isn't she in Hollywood?!

    I've only seen Cassie Steele perform in Degrassi: The Next Generation, but what she has achieved in that program alone warrants her a ticket to Hollywood. Not only does she have the looks; she has the acting ability to compliment it, showing that she's able to handle any role she is given. In the first couple seasons in Degrassi, Cassie Steele, who plays as Manny, was nothing but a normal student. Later on, in order to impress the one she likes, she starts getting flashy, and draws everyone's jaws in school. Cassie Steele did a superb job of transitioning her character from a normal girl to a slutty one. Not only is she a very solid actress, but she's also a very talented singer who has a ton of potential later down the road as a professional. My only complaint about her is that she does a mediocre job of handling some of the emotional scenes she is given. There were many emotion scenes in Degrassi involving Manny that I thought were just okay. However, there were some situations in where Manny did shine and did a brilliant job.